Planning a successful JV takes a lot of effort, you have to choose the right technology, the right message, and market effectively to ensure success. This requires organized and skillful planning.

There are a LOT of decisions to make. Things like:

WHY: Why do you want to host a JV? Why will it matter – to you, your partners and the collective audience/target market? The “why” of your joint venture must embody the passion you have for the work you do. This passion is what inspires potential joint venture partners to say yes – and, ideal clients to be excited about participating.

It is important to know your primary objective for the JV. Is it to teach them something new, or to have a “round table” discussion? Do you want to get more people on your email list? Do you want to promote a high priced item? Do you want to just give free information? When it comes to planning your JV you want to keep your eye on the prize so you can quickly make decisions with confidence and purposefully achieve your desired outcome.

WHAT: What are you bringing to the table? What is the main message you want to impart to attendees? You need a topic or theme before you can come up with the content, choose speakers, choose JV partners, and obtain sponsors. Your topic must be aligned with your target audience. It should solve a problem, answer questions, or inspire your audience toward some sort of action.

What “kind” of joint venture will you host? A telesummit? A collaborative book or ebook? A blog interview series? A co-created training program with faculty of experts? A collaborative blog or facebook page? Or something else?

What technology do you need to bring this project to life? Make a list of everything you want the technology to be able to do before you start searching for it.

You will also need to develop content for the event as well as all the marketing content. This will consist of the presentations, sales pages, articles for article marketing, blog posts, and readh-to-go blurbs for social media interactions.

WHO: Who is the ideal client? Who are the ideal partners who serve this ideal client in a complimentary (not competing) way? Who else do you need to lead the project from A to Z. Other people on your “who” list might be your online business manager or Virtual Assistant, graphic designer, someone to create the website, maybe a coach or mentor to guide you through the process.

HOW: I always think of the how as the action plan. Decide when you want this JV to come to life and then, reverse engineer an action plan/timeline – including your marketing plan.

And you know how people always say when renovating or building a home to add 25% more to budget and timeline – it’s really the same here (especially if this is your first kick at the can!).

The biggest piece of the how is stepping up to LEAD the joint venture. Every project requires you to wear three primary hats… Leadership + Communication + Networking

Yes, there are a lot of working parts to a joint venture project but the effort is worth the outcome. You’re not only learning a rinse-lather-repeat strategy that you can leverage over and over. Each time is faster and easier than the previous.

And one last tip… the end of a JV project is really just the beginning. You can leverage long term when you implement follow-up-keep-in-touch + back end sales strategies.

We could talk about this for DAYS … and we will so stay tuned to the blog.

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