A Brand Called Me… Teleclass Replay

YAY! I have a treat for you today… The teleclass replay of “A Brand Called Me” that we did for the International Association of Women in Business Online {IAWBO}.

During this teleseminar guest expert Stephanie Pollock shared:

* What a personal brand is and why it’s your most valuable asset
* What you need to leverage (that you already have) to build a strong business foundation
* How to uncover what makes you most unique, essentially getting rid of any competition
* The 7-step system I use with my clients to master Brand YOU!
* The top 5 mistakes women make and why it’s costing them big time!

Whether you’re just starting out in business, or know that your brand needs a healthy dose of remarkable, this free teleseminar will give you the knowledge, tips and tools you need to build your personal brand foundation.

Click here to listen to the replay now and be sure to click on the comments link above to post any a’has and insights okay.

~ Gina xo



  1. Stephanie Pollock - Tx GIna! RT @ginabell: A Brand Called Me… Teleclass Replay http://bit.ly/gvZNz9

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