hello im ginaRebelpreneur, Jane-of-all-Trades and Multi-passionate to the Bone!

My entrepreneurial adventures include Franchise Owner, Best-Selling Author, Magazine Publisher, Information Marketer, Home Business Mentor and Direct Sales Leader.

Ultimately, my work is devoted to helping entrepreneurs to navigate their true desires (personally and professionally) because that’s when RADICAL SHIFTS happen – lifestyles are elevated and ripple effects of possibility influence everyone they touch.

This is my story — well, the coffee break version…

I’ve straddled corporate assignments – while yearning for pink hair.

I’ve worked in traditional print advertising sales, managed & owned franchise businesses, launched formalized institutes for businesswomen, and coached thousands of Home Business Entrepreneurs towards higher stratospheres of visibility & reach. And while I’ve enjoyed success across many roles & dimensions, I’m still a rebel’preneur at heart. Pink hair – check!

I believe in ‘Intelligent Rebellion’ – and an un-blueprint approach.

“Master the rules — then create your own.”

I mentor, teach & train rule-bending entrepreneurs who (think they) suck at self-promotion and marketing and who need more leads, sales and signups – STAT!

Leads are the lifeblood of every business but relationships (know/like/trust) is what converts interest to investment, the fortune really is in the follow up and “I see you everywhere” is the pinnacle of online visibility.

Remember, MINDSET + SKILL SET x PERFORMANCE = RESULTS. It’s not just about getting more leads – it’s about buyers for your products and partners for your business. This holistic approach is our lodestar.

I write books about Visibility, Entrepreneurial Empowerment & Success.

I’m the Author of the (#1 Best Seller!) Success Rituals 2.0 – Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women; Contributing Author to Millionaire Moms in the Making; The Career at Home Mom, Corporate Mom Drop-outs; and The Power Of Mentorship for The Home-based Business.

I’m committed to helping women create their best possible life – starting with girls. 

As often as possible a percentage of profit is diverted to GirlUp.org — a non-profit that trains girls to become global leaders, and leverage their intrinsic compassion & energy to support the United Nations’ efforts in developing regions.

I don’t live in New York City … and probably never will.

I’m running my online empire from the prairies of Saskatchewan CANADA. I live in a resort village situated in the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley along Echo Lake with only 215 residents, proving once & for all that it’s not where you live — it’s how much you give.

When you do online right, the right people notice.

The secret is to find the way that is right – for YOU.

Are you ready for the recognition and rewards you crave?

Let's make some declarations and get down to business!

Let's go!