“Personal growth and increased confidence take place when we are testing the limits of our lives.” Inventor, Thomas Payne

rings-of-treeOne of my favorite coaching analogies is to compare our comfort zone to the age rings found on a cross section of tree trunk.

Think of it this way… every time we stretch our comfort zone it’s like we have a new age ring, we have a new level of awareness, we have greater self-esteem, we have more confidence, we are more experienced, we have more wisdom, we make different decisions because of that and we’re open to new opportunities too (often ones that were always there we just couldn’t see them yet!)

At the same level, we are faced with new obstacles. For example, along with our new level of awareness, limiting beliefs that were once invisible rise to the surface.

This can be good or bad depending on our ability to identify them quickly and regain momentum in spite of them. This is a skill that is essential for long term success.

So, how do you identify limiting beliefs?

The best strategy I’ve found is to create “CONTRAST”.

First, you have to be crystal clear about your definition of success. This gets your inner voice chattering and providing commentary that becomes the contrast you need to weed out your limiting beliefs.

Next, you have to pay close attention to your self-talk, best known as your inner critic (statistics say 80% of our self-talk is negative – yikes!). The self-talk and mind commentary leaves clues to our belief systems.

bmcovers_combinedFinally, you have to choose which beliefs you’ll keep and which ones you’ll let go. Yup, I said “choose”. We can choose our beliefs. If a belief doesn’t support your success… let it go or replace it with one that does.

Your beliefs determine your thoughts, dictate your habits and influence your decisions. Does your belief system support your success or could there be some invisible saboteurs lurking?

Consider these two questions to test if limiting beliefs may be keeping you stuck.

1. Are you NOT doing things that you know you should be doing to support your success and are frustrated to feel stuck this way?

2. Are you doing things you know you shouldn’t be doing that sabotage your success and wonder why you keep doing them?

The average person… okay, 99.9% of people are aiming for middle ground, taking baby steps and playing it safe. Think of your childhood and how often parents and adult role models told you to “be careful”. That advice may have served you as a child (key word = may) but, as an adult and moreover an entrepreneur, playing it safe is keeping you small!

If you’ve caught yourself doing things that sabotage your success or, not doing things to support your success and you can’t figure out why, start to listen to your inner voice.

Our beliefs influence our thoughts, dictate our habits, affect our decisions and ultimately create our results/reality.

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