I was scared she’d say no but then THIS happened

I was scared she’d say no but then THIS happened

In my last post I addressed the idea of “invitation intimidation” head on because the fear of being rejected by the very experts you admire is the #1 thing that gets in the way of being more joint-venturous.

And I totally get it which is why I shared my best strategy with you – along with 7 specific things you can do – to get on their radar before you invite them so they recognize you and respond to your request.

But, this fear can be so insidious I promised not to leave it there.

So let’s talk about the possibility that some of the partners you invite might say… no.

What’s the worst that can happen?

It’s got to mean “something”, right? And that something can’t be good.


Your story of no is a “what if?” game that prevents you from asking for what you want in the first place.

Because it’s not about the word no. It’s about what you think no means.

So let’s clear the air.

It doesn’t mean they don’t like you.
It’s not evidence that you’re not as amazing as everyone thinks you are.
And it’s definitely not proof that you’ll never be successful.

It just means: “not yes.”

What’s so scary about “not yes”?

If we drop the drama, it’s no scarier than flipping a coin – and that’s not scary at all.

Random chance doesn’t keep score and remember, I’ve already given you 7 ways to increase the odds of a “Yes!” response.

So, if you want asking for what you want to be as easy and drama-free as flipping a coin, you don’t have to keep score either.

ASK. Share. Invite. Confidently and consistently.

Sooner or later someone WILL say “yes.”

And from personal experience I can tell you – most will.

I titled this post “I was scared she’d say no but then THIS happened” because I’ve been scared to invite people to my projects – especially the women I felt a bit intimidated by – who seemed more professional, successful and more expert than me.

The first woman who comes to mind is Marie Forleo who was part of my How Does She Do It Summit back in ‘09.

Some of the women I’ve played with really were at a much higher level and playing a much bigger game than I was at the time but that’s where you need to play in order for a joint venture projects to be as successful as possible.

And from experience I can tell you they’re all regular people – they’ve just done things you admire or are aspiring to do too.

And once in a while you’ll find that they’ve been admiring (or even intimidated by) YOU. No jokes!

Bottom line: If you don’t ask you can’t experience all the blessings joint ventures can bring your way and there are many.

I’ll share my favorite perks of partnering with specific examples in the next post.

~ Gina

P.S. My Meet Play Love E-course will help you navigate the nuances of your first (or next) joint (ad)venture of a lifetime so you save time, money and quite possibly your reputation. Learn more and register – HERE.

New “Suite” Success Intensive to Rock Your Offers

New “Suite” Success Intensive to Rock Your Offers

I LOVE to help smart, ambitious women to become more productive, popular and profitable online.

That’s why I created the “Suite” Success Intensive.

Why “Suite” Success?

Because I believe a strategically planned and in demand suite of offers is the linchpin of a profitable and deeply fulfilling online business.

I also believe fluff is for pillows not products or programs. After all, your reputation is on the line.

When done “right” (right for you), the right people notice (your right people).


When you have offers that sell and are in demand you develop certainty in your ability to make money online doing what you love to do.

That’s what it’s all about right?! Peace of mind is priceless.

With this framework in place and a clear example of the strategy that goes into creating a profitable offer, our time together will serve the lifetime of your business.

There are 3 ways we can play – you choose the focus:

1. [SUITE SURRENDER] A strategically planned suite of offers – from free to fee – that honours the life and business you really want, the work you really want to do and the audience you really want to serve.

2. [SUITE TREAT] A deep-dive focus on your irresistible free offer (IFO) and strategically crafted follow up sequence (that I’ll write for you) to guide ideal prospects from interested in what you do to invested to work with you. We’ll also explore ways to get your freebie in front of your target audience. For an additional fee I can even arrange for my graphic designer to create a visual manifesto or printable download for you (totally optional).

3. [SUITE SPOT] A deep dive focus on crafting your very own signature program so you can address your ideal clients most significant struggle or deep desire in a way that is 100% original and unique to YOU. From concept to curriculum to packaging, pricing and positioning…

Whichever focus you choose for our time together you’ll get to the other side with a personalized plan of action that you are excited to activate.

Here’s how it works and what you get:

  • 3, 75 minute sessions over the course of one highly productive day devoted to helping you create profitable offers that honour the lifestyle and business you really want to create as well as the work you really want to do.
  • mp3 recordings of our convos
  • A detailed post session summary filled with additional tips, insights and road tested resources that will expedite your plans and help you stay true to your vision.
  • One week of light email coaching + easy-does-it encouragement post session to hold your hand through the activation of your plans.
  • Valuable bonuses (see below).

2015 can finally be THE YEAR you’re prepared to make the most of the New Year energy!

So let’s do this…

Step One – choose your payment option.

Step Two – watch your inbox for a welcome message, link to my online scheduling system and coaching prep form for you to complete (this is where you’ll choose your focus).

Pay in full $995 | Add to Cart

Pay in full bonus: When you choose to pay in full you’ll be one of the first to experience my new (for clients only) Wildfire Session devoted to getting more eyes on your offers. I will customize a plan of action to help you become more popular and profitable online. I’ll also let you borrow my reputation and reach showcasing you and what you do to my growing social networks of 40,00+

Or, two payments of $550 | Add to Cart

Fast Action Bonus: Be one of the next 5 to schedule a Suite Success Intensive and I’ll write one of your sales pages. Many of my clients and colleagues have told me I’ve missed my calling because of my ability to write sales copy that works. (They also tell me I’m a little weird because I actually like writing them. LOL)

I can’t wait to work with you on this!

~ Gina xo

P.S. This is the first time in over 2 years that I’ve opened space to work with me one-t0-one. My calendar tends to fill quickly so if you’re interested but have questions either hit reply and ask or schedule a virtual coffee date with me now.

Beyond Burnout Magazine: 14 Women Share Their Burnout to Breakthrough Stories (So You Can Too!)

Beyond Burnout Magazine: 14 Women Share Their Burnout to Breakthrough Stories (So You Can Too!)

Have you ever felt burned out?

Or can you think of a time (maybe now) when everything felt harder than it should? Were you stretched thin? Overcommitted? Overwhelmed?

Not so long ago I was. And the question I like to ask around this is…

Has “I’m too tired” become more than an excuse? We’ve all played the I’m too tired card to get out of doing something we really didn’t want to do but I really was too tired. Painfully tired.

And I know I’m not the only ambitious woman who’s ever felt this way. I also know it’s not something many of us feel comfortable talking about. There’s this divide we create in our minds about life and business but the reality is they are – and forever will be – intertwined.

Health – mind body and sprit – impacts every facet of your life. Some of the shifts you’ll need to make are external (the things you’re doing) and some are internal (the things you’re thinking and yes, even possibly what you’re eating).

That’s why I’m so excited to share Valeri Hall Little’s new magazine with you!

In Beyond Burnout magazine, I join 13 other women entrepreneurs as we share our personal journeys from burnout to breakthrough.


We’ll share our struggles and triumphs. And you’ll see how each of us found our own unique path to rise above the barriers that stood in our way. And, how we went on to profoundly change the way our businesses run.

You’ll learn:

  • What burnout feels + looks like (it’s different for everyone).
  • Steps you can take to break through the burnout barrier.
  • What is possible for your business once you decide to take action.

If you’re tired of the daily struggle of running your business, Beyond Burnout will give you perspective, inspiration and motivation (plus some practical advice to get you back on track).

You can’t put a price tag on burnout, so I’m happy to tell you this digital magazine is FREE.

You can pick up your copy by clicking this link: www.intandem.ca/getbeyondburnout

Thank you so much for sharing my journey.


The Future Is Not Something We Enter, Its Something We Create

The Future Is Not Something We Enter, Its Something We Create

Where will you be this time next year?

Will your business be flourishing or will it still feel hard, and maybe a bit overwhelming?

best way to create future

Each year, we have new possibilities and potential available to us. And we get to choose what we’ll do with it.

The problem is, in the midst of the ‘busyness’ of our business – posting regularly on social media, serving clients, getting our newsletter out and everything else – we seldom even see or take advantage of all of these new opportunities around us.

And so, a year later – we may still not be running the business we REALLY want to run – pledging that ‘next year will be different.’

But what if next year really WAS different? What if instead of have-to’s and must-do’s, your weeks were filled with more ‘want to’s’ and ‘I can’t wait to’s’?

Whether it feels like a pipe dream or that you’re just on the cusp of it – you are the hero of your own story.

Which means, you get to choose and DESIGN a business that works for you.

The future is not something we enter, it’s something we create.

– tweet this!

And we want to help.

We created the She Planned It! – a 30-day workshop experience to help you go from default to design.

Because we all know that to create what we really want, we have to plan for it – instead of just hoping it’ll happen. Hope is not a strategy. Period.

The She Planned It! workshop will help you vision, strategize, plan and execute on the business you really desire for 2014.

You don’t have to hope next year will be different – you can DESIGN it to be different.

Doesn’t that feel better?

One year… 52 weeks… 365 days… 525,600 minutes. What will you do with it? What’s really possible if you just gave it your full attention, love and commitment?

Join us – we start December 10th.

Make this year YOUR year.

Steph & Gina

p.s. it is NOT necessary to attend live – all the content, worksheets and ideas will be available to you after the first workshop, plus access to an interactive and supportive community. And we’ll have another session on January 9th to be sure you’re GOOD to go for 2014.

She Changes the World Digital Magazine – Embracing Human Kindness in Business

She Changes the World Digital Magazine – Embracing Human Kindness in Business

There’s been so much focus on the dreadfully low percentages of women as elected leaders in most countries and women CEO’s of Fortune 500’s that a crucial percentage has been overlooked.

37% of businesses around the world are now owned by women.

Before anyone says, “But 50% would be even better”, let’s take a look at why 37% is so monumental.

In order for women leaders’ values, ideas and approaches to truly influence decision-making, we must be at least 30-35% of the leadership.

Ladies, we own 37% of businesses worldwide, we’re now able to influence how business is done around the globe. This is huge, whether we have a micro business or we’re aiming to grow a Fortune 100 or something in between. We can now change the world by how we do business.

human kind be bothWe’re bringing a new approach to business.

We’re bringing our values, we’re embracing human kindness, we’re collaborating, we’re asking for people’s input, we want everyone to shine not just us, we lead with our whole hearts, and we invest in our communities.

Who doesn’t want businesses like that? Who doesn’t want business leaders like that?

And there are enough of us now that we have reached the critical mass we need to change the world. This is our moment, this is our time to do just that. Some of the largest companies in the world recognize our growing influence.

Coca-Cola anticipates that it will have five million women entrepreneurs in its supply chain by 2020. Walmart says women entrepreneurs are providing the most innovative products. Governments have also taken notice. As women entrepreneurship grows in a country, so does that country’s GDP.

So we really have an opportunity to influence the largest companies, our governments, and our communities. And now that we’ve reached this point, let’s use this moment for everybody’s benefit. We have this opportunity to throw out business as usual and do business in a new and better way.

I’m so happy and proud to be in the premiere issue of She Changes the World digital magazine with an amazing line-up of women entrepreneurs who are leading the way in changing how business is done.

And I’m thrilled to share this FREE resource with you, so you can get a behind the scenes look at how women entrepreneurs are building successful businesses that change the world!

Join us in changing the world.

Get your free copy here. Enjoy!


Inside The Jungle Magazine: Secrets to Grow Your Business On Your Terms #MeJaneMag

Inside The Jungle Magazine: Secrets to Grow Your Business On Your Terms #MeJaneMag

I’ve been waiting for the green light to share this with you…

If you’re dreaming about growing your business but find yourself asking: “Where do I go from here?” or worry that growing will mean working more than you already are, then you’ve got to take a look at this…

Nadine Nicholson at MeJane.ca recently interviewed me for her brand new Inside the Jungle Magazine.


The “Why Grow?” issue is devoted to helping you grow your business ON YOUR TERMS – in a way that works for you and your business. (Is there any other way?)

Inside you’ll enjoy 20, Q&A-style interviews with successful women in business and a special feature article that spotlights a global trend for women in business that will have you creating your own business freedom in no time!

We (as in me and 19 other women in business) share our real-life tips, candid advice and biggest challenges so you can see that you are not alone inside the entrepreneurial jungle.

And here’s the good news. It’s FREE!

So if you’re feeling pulled in a million directions and want an exciting vision for your next level of success that translates into MORE FREEDOM in your business–then grab your FREE copy and join me inside the entrepreneurial jungle!

Get your instant download here.

Yours truly,

~ Gina xo