Are Joint Ventures Broken?

Are Joint Ventures Broken?

For years joint (ad)ventures, as I like to call them, have been “the way” I’ve taken big leaps in my business – elevating my visibility, authority and income in as little as 90 days.

It’s the #1 way that clients and customers find me.

And, it’s my most requested expertise that my private clients want to tap into.

But, I’ve noticed the JV landscape becoming a little… well, divided. And, I’m not the only one.

My business girlfriends and I have noticed some not-so-subtle push back on the way joint ventures are being done (and taught) to the degree that some question whether or not they should be done anymore at all. (Gasp!)

And I do get it, there is some questionable behaviour going on (keeping in mind that everyone comes to their own conclusions based on their own perspective).

But, I don’t believe these frustrations define the viability of the strategy.

So let’s look at what’s going on here…

Let’s start with an important reminder that Joint Ventures are a relationship-based marketing strategy. And this is where I believe things start to get a little tricky… in some cases the relationship element is being glossed over, in other cases the marketing aspect is taking a back seat.

What I’ve realized is that based on personal perspectives, objectives and even niche-specific variables, some will resonate most with the relationship side of a joint venture strategy, others are all about the marketing side and others are somewhere in the middle. Like a spectrum.

And I believe much of the frustrations surrounding this strategy would be mute if more time was invested in:

a) determining where YOU fall within this spectrum

b) finding relevant joint venture partners who share your perspective.

Here’s an all too common example of how this can play out in the real world when these distinctions have not been made…

Julie is an entrepreneur who is very technical about marketing. She skews to the marketing side of the spectrum paying close attention to the numbers and metrics and conversion. And she views collaboration as a smart way to leverage the collective marketing reach.

Michelle on the other hand is an indiepreneur who is more focused on impact, value creation, and thought leadership. She views collaboration as a way to widen the ripple effect of her message, a way to inspire change and an opportunity for good will.

Can you imagine Julie inviting Michelle to play or vice versa? They might as well be speaking a different language, essentially they are.

And, there’s no doubt in my mind that Julie would ask the single most controversial question to ever be asked in the land of joint ventures which is “What is your list size?”.

To Julie, this is a logical question. There’s no emotional attachment. I mean, how will she track and measure the effectiveness if she doesn’t have the most accurate information?

Ask Michelle this question and you’re likely be the topic of her next rant to her business BFF. She doesn’t care about the numbers and when approached this way she feels like a commodity. She doesn’t want to be “leveraged” or to have her community “exploited”. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t expecting some type of ROI.

Neither perspective or approach to the strategy is wrong or bad, it just is. What we have in many cases is a values mismatch that templates and scripts and step by step formulas cannot detect. The true value in these tools (and any strategy for that matter) relies on your ability to translate them to your specific scenario and style.

You can prevent this from happening through careful consideration of your project, prospects and partners as well as the side of the spectrum that matters most to you.

But it doesn’t end there. Clear and intimate communication with potential partners is vital. My best advice is to schedule an initial phone call so you can have a meaningful conversation and from there determine if it is a mutual fit (or not).

An email can’t fully convey your passion and enthusiasm for the project anyway. Sending an email invite followed by a google doc for your potential partner to complete might have worked in 2010 but today it’s not enough (it never really was).

This brings us back to the original question – are joint ventures broken?

I’m not sure “broken” is the right word but I do believe the bar has been raised, the standards have changed. There are new expectations and a new baseline of joint venture etiquette is emerging.

And, at the end of the day, not every strategy is for everyone.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and there’s still going to be someone who hates peaches.”

The question is, how do YOU feel about joint ventures? What do you think? Do you see the potential? Does it sound good to you?

The next few posts will be devoted to the potential of joint ventures, consideration of what I believe to be the new baseline for this strategy and further exploration of the question I’ve posed today “Are Joint Ventures Broken?”.

If a joint venture is something you’ve been considering as a way to grow your list and ultimately your business you’ll want to stay tuned.

And as always I’d love for you to contribute to the conversation by sharing your thoughts and experiences with joint ventures in the comments below.

Have you asked joint venture partners to reveal their list size? Have you been asked to reveal yours? I’m curious to know what you think about this controversial-to-some question.

~ Gina xo

P.S… Meet Play Love Summer Camp is coming to help you navigate the nuances of a joint venture by creating a plan for your project that is unique to you, built to attract the audience you want to grow AND irresistible to your potential joint venture partners. In six short weeks you’ll have your project planned, in motion and powerfully positioned for success. Stay tuned!

How Often Should You Email Your List?

How Often Should You Email Your List?

A common question I am asked is “How often should I email my list?”

The industry standard is weekly BUT, that may or may not be the best frequency for YOU.

The truth is it (frequency) really depends on who your target market is and the problem you help them solve. (And just so we’re clear, consistency is non-negotiable here).

To answer this question for yourself with confidence you must know your target market intimately.

Let me give you an example.

My target market is the entrepreneur who is using the internet to market and grow their business. Their strategies revolve around a blog as their marketing hub and using social media AND social equity (relationships) as visibility channels.

They want to get more of the right eyes on their offers more often and are looking to generate more traffic, leads and sales consistently. Why? Because lead poverty = income poverty. Ouch!

As a result, they are voracious consumers of relevant content and training because they are actively seeking a solution to their problem. This determination can make them very impatient.

Would you agree that it is VERY likely that my ideal prospect is subscribed to dozens if not hundreds of lists? You bet they are!

They are highly motivated to solve their problem because it is having an impact on their ability to be successful (not to mention their bank account).

Now imagine if my content only surfaced in their inbox once a week or less?

Because of WHO my target audience is and WHAT I help them to do, it’s in my best interest to send valuable tips, tools and training more frequently so that I become a high value asset instead of a distant memory or distraction that gets deleted.

So let’s start here:

  1. WHO is your target market?
  2. WHAT problem do you help them solve? (Or, what deep desire do you help them achieve?)

Answering these two questions with as much detail and emotion as possible will help you make a personal decision about how often you should email YOUR list.

And are you getting a sense of how answering these questions will also help you uncover what types of resources and content you “should” deliver?

Once you are clear about who your target market really is and exactly how you help them solve their most pressing problem(s) you can confidently communicate in a way that serves them best.

Now, go grab a pen and paper (or open up a word doc) and start answering these questions as they relate to YOUR business.

If you found value in this post I’d love it if you’d share it.

And please feel free to add to the conversation in the comments below.

Gina xo

P.S. You will never run out of people to talk to when you become in demand instead of invisible. HERE’S HOW.

Profitable Joint Ventures: The TYPE of Joint (ad)Venture You Do – Matters

Profitable Joint Ventures: The TYPE of Joint (ad)Venture You Do – Matters

girlfriends-9One of the best decisions I made in my business early-on was to surround myself with other entrepreneurs (business girlfriends!) moving in a similar direction.

My background is relationship marketing – specifically referral networks, business networking and word of mouth marketing. I understood from the get-go that “social equity” is like an insurance policy for success.

As I started to apply my past experience and expertise to being in business online I quickly realized – the same rules apply – online and offline. That was really good news for me.

And, as I started to immerse myself in the land of joint (ad)ventures there was something else I discovered too…

The TYPE of joint venture you do – matters.

Last week I wrote about “the tale of 3 list-builders” and asked “Are telesummits dead?”

Today, I want to share WHY being more joint venturous in your business is such a game changer AND, invite you to learn more about the ONE type of joint venture that out performs the tried ‘n true (and, it’s easier to do!).

Joint venture marketing is the primary way that I grow my “list”… my community… my peeps… my tribe by leaps and bounds! And here’s why…

8 Great Reasons to Be Joint (ad)Venturous:

Arrow - Hand Drawn Black1) RAPID LIST BUILDING:

The co-promotion of the joint venture partners creates massive exposure for everyone involved. Ten joint venture partners with an average list size of 2,000 means that your message/event will be exposed to 20,000 people multiple times (AND, exponentially if your concept has legs… “has legs” means it’s an idea that’s worth spreading… it continues to travel down the road all on it’s own. This is good for you and good for your joint venture partners too! I’m sure you can imagine how this can quickly grow your list of new subscribers!

Arrow - Hand Drawn Black2) RELEVANT LIST BUILDING:

When done correctly – the flood of new subscribers you attract through your virtual event are targeted and relevant to your area of expertise. Take the recent Laptop Mom Telesummit as an example. The invitation page (opt-in page) was very clear that this event was for Moms who want to run a rewarding business from home… What’s so exciting about joint ventures, is there is the potential to have the best of both worlds: quantity because of co-promotion AND quality. And, when it comes to list building this is a winning combination!

The more relevant your list, the easier it is to build RELATIONSHIPS which is the heart of your community. Through relationships comes trust and that is the cornerstone of profitability.

Arrow - Hand Drawn Black3) IMMEDIATE REVENUE:

A successful joint venture planned correctly can also lead to immediate revenue. A percentage of the targeted and relevant subscribers you attract will become paying customers.

If we use the recent Switching Gears for Working Moms event I recently participated in as an example again, Tracy invited Working Moms to attend at a free level (and after you register, extended an invitation to support you further with optional upgrade to the Turbo Mama Package for extended access to the mp3 recordings and relevant bonuses to expand the learning opportunity). There’s mutual benefit, it’s non-salesy and attendees get to decide how they wish to participate.


In my opinion, a virtual event is the ultimate leverage. By partnering with other experts in your area of expertise, the collective energy and effort grows your list, boosts your credibility and stimulates revenue. Now you can impact more people AND… do more and more of what you LOVE to do!

Arrow - Hand Drawn Black5) CATALYST FOR MOMENTUM:

A virtual event is a catalyst for tremendous growth. My business grows by leaps and bounds rather than inching along. I’m also able to leverage the momentum and buzz a virtual event creates. My biggest passion is to teach success-driven women how to achieve more online in record time… joint ventures is definitely one of the strategies that can really accelerate your speed of success…


When you partner with other highly respected experts in your field, it boosts your credibility by association. And, as the lead of the joint venture, you boost your fame factor too! “Oh wow! You know [insert name of super cool guru JV partner]? I’m impressed”


Collaborating and creating joint ventures with other experts boosts your credibility through association. As you add value and increase to their lives, they want to add value and increase to you. These mutually beneficial win-win relationships are priceless.


The momentum each joint venture project creates allows me to get the biggest results for my investment of time and money. The key word here again is LEVERAGE. A Joint Venture is SMART marketing on steroids! You’re no longer operating in a bubble.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackBONUS REASON #9: New Passive Revenue Stream

If we go back to the telesummit example, at the end of it all, you now have content (i.e a dozen interviews with experts) that can become an information product that creates passive and recurring income for the long term.

Can you see why I LOVE joint ventures so much?! 

Create Your List-Building Breakthrough

So the bottom line here is… 

Not all list-buiding strategies are created equal.

That’s why my friend and colleague Stephanie Pollock and I hosted a free teleclass this week on how to create a list-building breakthrough. 

We’ve both used ONE strategy in particular to lift our success to new heights, and we want to share it with you. 

It’s not for everyone but it’s for you if you’re ready to leap your list in a way that very few entrepreneurs are doing right now – which by the way, makes you automatically stand out from the crowd – and more profitable too!

It’s so worth checking out…

You’ll find the “Create a List-Building Breakthrough” teleclass replay and handout at the top of the page HERE


~ Gina xo

p.s. I can promise you this isn’t a bunch of hype – we hate that! This is a proven strategy we’ve both used with outstanding results, and we want to share.

Grow Your List Faster with Monthly Teleseminars

Grow Your List Faster with Monthly Teleseminars

One of my clients reached out to me with a problem she was facing… 

Question: “About five months ago I started hosting a monthly teleseminar in order to grow my list. Today is my 5th one. When I started there were 47 people on my list. Now there are 138. Not what I was hoping for.

I am committed to these calls through the end of the year. I enjoy speaking which keeps me doing it. The people I am interviewing also have small lists, and they aren’t really doing much promotion either. How do I do a better job in building my list for the teleseminars?”

Answer: Ouch. Turtle-paced list growth is FRUSTRATING. 

A monthly teleseminar, podcast or radio show is a great visibility strategy and can boost online credibility too.

Here are some simple things you can do to grow your list faster with monthly teleseminars:

#1. Invite guests who are established experts with vibrant networks (sometimes this is a stretch outside of our comfort zone but well worth the reach.)

#2. Make it a requirement that your guests announce their class or interview to their networks (you can use a speaker agreement and provide them with a short invitation script that they can copy/paste/send to their list).

#3. Use teaser bullets when you announce the topic for your upcoming call to create curiosity.

Teaser bullets are a like mini headlines and we all know how important compelling headlines are – right!? After you done reading this post, hop on over to and enter “teaser bullets” into their search box. Just this one change alone can dramatically increase interest in your teleseminar topics!

NOTE: Copy Blogger is my #1 resource for boosting my motivational copy skills! I recommend that ALL of my clients spend some time on their blog. Why? Because writing effective copy is an essential skill set for women in business online.

#4. Use cliff hanger statements/bullets in your communications to build excitement about what’s coming up next month. If you’ve ever watched a daytime or evening drama and experienced… “Here’s what’s coming up next on Days of Our Lives” for example and they play a series of clips that move you to the edge of your seat and leave you saying “Oh I can’t wait to see THAT episode! I’ve got to know what happens!” – that’s what you can create in your copy. Here’s a great article on – you guessed it – that talks about this (see #5) and gives a great example too.

#5. List your tele-classes with free teleseminar listing services such as

a. See You On the Call at

b. Conference Call University at

#6. Use a “tell a friend” page/script as a thank you page once people opt-in. Here’s one you can try.

#7. Invite more than one expert to each call and conduct a PANEL discussion… instead of one guest inviting their list, now you have three each month (and triple the traffic filtering through your Tell A Friend page too!).

As you can see there are many ways to “take it up a notch or ten!” as I like to say 😉

LAW this to this

Are there strategies that YOU have leveraged (or observed) that we could add to this list? If so, be sure to share in the comments okay 😉

How to Create Your Ready to JV “Yes! Count me in!” kit

One of the best ways to learn joint venture strategy is to play in other expert’s playgrounds.

And often, depending on the person, playing versus leading is a better fit anyway and always a great way to get started.

One of the most common types of joint ventures you’ll be invited to participate in are guest expert interviews and telesummits.

Have you ever dropped the ball because you weren’t prepared to say yes? Let’s fix that today. 

JV land is governed by timelines and deadlines. And, there are always other experts to fill your shoes if you drop the ball, take too long to respond or simply aren’t prepared to play the game.

If you want to be more joint-venturous (and I highly recommend that you do!) it’s time to create your Ready to JV “Yes, Count Me In!” Kit:

These first three essentials are pretty standard requirements for most JV projects: 

1) High resolution professional headshot. The quality of your photo will support or sabotage JV invites. The more professional the better. This will go a long way in should you decide to lead a JV too!

2) Professional Bio. I recommend having a long and short bio ready to go and then quickly edit to fit any unique or specific requirements.

3) Space in your marketing calendar for co-promotion. It’s super critical to show up fully when you say yes to a JV project and this means you need to look at your own marketing calendar to make sure the co-promotion of the project fit with what you already have coming up. You’ve got room? Great. Block it off now. Then and only then can you say yes with complete confidence.

Then, depending on the scope of the joint venture project you may need to have:

4) An exclusive free offer/bonus gift. This is different from your regular opt-in offer and reserved only for JV’s (i.e. not available anywhere else free).

5) A Signature Talk. Depending on the type of JV you’re invited to, you may be asked to deliver a teleclass based on your area of expertise. You need to have this ready to go – and better yet, a description of your best talks visible on your website.

If you’ll be delivering a teleclass versus participating in an interview where the JV host has provided you with ready-to-go questions, it’s important to find out if the JV project is free or for-fee.

Here’s why… You do not want to deliver your standard free talk if the event is paid or you risk diluting the value of the entire event and having an unhappy JV partner. Solution: I recommend having two variations of your talk. One that you deliver for free events and a second robust, high-value variation reserved for projects that are paid to attend.

6) An easy to customize feature article. Now, this isn’t just ANY article. It’s one that you will customize the beginning and ending to fit the event audience.

Most savvy online entrepreneurs will not accept content (articles, guest posts) that have been previously published online – at least not an exact replica. So, you will need to edit the headline and approximately 25% of the content (with most of the copy editing focused to the beginning and end). Oh and this isn’t just for their benefit it’s for yours as well so you don’t get dinged with a Google slap for duplicate content.

Food for thought: The above six items are where it typically ends but there may be times when you’ll be given the green light to share a paid offer at the end of your presentation. If so, the rule of thumb here is to give the JV Host/Partner an affiliate ID so they earn affiliate commission should you convert attendees to paid customers.

Bottom line: When you respond with a yes AND include as an attachment (or link to your JV with Me URL) giving them everything they need within one communication your new JV partner will likely fall off their office chair! It’s surprisingly rare that experts are really ready. Will you be?

Now before you go, I’m curious…

What other items have you been asked to provide to play in a joint venture project? Are there any other items you recommend readers add to their Ready to JV “Yes, Count Me In!” Kit? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments. xo

Pilot Program: Leap Your List and Get Cash Flowing with Your Irresistible Free Offer (10 Spots)

Pilot Program: Leap Your List and Get Cash Flowing with Your Irresistible Free Offer (10 Spots)

An irresistible free offer is the linchpin of list building AND profit…

Most entrepreneurs struggle to create an irresistible free offer or, IFO (a.k.a. free offer, freebie or pink spoon) that grows a list quickly and profitably. Can you relate?

And did you know, the lion’s share of your profitability lies on the other side of the opt-in (up to 90%)? Do this poorly (or not at all) and heaps of money are left on the table!

Essentially, your free offer is step #1 in a simple sales process that unfortunately most entrepreneurs have not planned through. And this is where I can help you big time!

Your IFO done well – It successfully addresses the five barriers to a “sale”, it’s harder for your ideal client to say no than yes, it solves a significant problem for your ideal prospect, naturally anticipates what’s next for them and guides them to say yes to paid offers too! Ka-ching!

Your IFO done poorly – A turtle could crawl faster than your list is growing. It’s a pretty opt-in box gathering virtual dust – much like your bank account! Ouch!

So, I’m checking in with you on this.

Does YOUR free offer measure up?

Maybe you don’t have a free offer, or what you do have is an invite to join your mailing list or sign up for your newsletter?

In today’s online environment, that just doesn’t cut it. It’s not “valuable” enough to entice your prospects to “pay” with their name & email address.

Now I know you want to be smart about all of this.

You get that there’s strategy involved here right – but, where do you start?

You might even feel overwhelmed or distracted by all the things you “could” be doing online or frustrated that the things you ARE doing aren’t working to grow your list or attract new clients.

And this is why I want to work with you!

… just the two of us – privately.

Your IFO is a fundamental piece of the online business puzzle that either supports or sabotages profit and growth. It’s time to get it working for you in new and powerful ways. Agreed?

So I’ve created an affordable pilot program to help you invisible-proof your business and elevate your online visibility to stratospheric new heights as quickly as possible.

My clients are enjoying list growth; new clients; friends-fans-and-followers; invitations to speak; media interest and high-level joint-venture partners.

You’d love to celebrate these things too right?

Rolling up our sleeves to jump start your sales system with your own irresistible free offer is a really smart place to start.

I’ve opened my calendar – and reduced my fees by 70% – to work with 10 ambitious women who are ready to leap their way to wild success online. Will you be one of them? (Hurry! My last pilot program sold out quickly).

Here’s What You’ll Get inside the Pilot Program:

In addition to a whopping $700 savings, the “IFO Done With You” coachsulting package includes:

  • Step One: Define – 90 minute strategy/planning session. Using a simple sales funnel formula as our guide, we will plan a free offer that helps your ideal client achieve a burning desire or eliminate a significant struggle AND, serves the greatest needs of your ideal clients as their needs and desires evolve beyond your freebie.

Here’s a real life example:

Breaking down the IFO into simple pieces it must successfully address 3 things for your ideal client. Their struggle, your solution and what’s next.

Their Struggle: What does your audience struggle with the most? What burning questions and frustrations do they share in common? In Jennifer’s case… her tribe was asking about Twitter all the time. And when we put our ear to the ground we discovered one of the most common Q’s were… What in the world do I say? What do I tweet about? I stare at my computer screen for an hour each day!!

Your Solution… Jennifer created a special report and directly addressed her community’s biggest struggle. It’s called: Tweets that Rock How to Speak Your Business in 140 Characters or Less! And it’s flying off the virtual shelves!

The Evolution… And, now that the ideal customer knows what to say on social media, Jennifer can ask, listen and anticipate what comes next. Every solution you provide to your clients makes way for a new problem to take center stage. Jennifer is now empowered to create perfectly timed offers that address the new questions that come next…

An IFO done well leads into perfectly positioned and timely paid offers that are part of a bigger picture back end follow up keep in touch strategy. The end result is a simple sales funnel process that maximizes profitability.

  • Step Two: Design – 60 minute creation/implementation session:

Once we discuss and strategize the best format for your IFO, I will either interview you to create a professional audio OR, help you to outline and begin the writing of your IFO. You can submit your writing for review & feedback.

  • 30 minute follow up session to make sure all your virtual ducks are in a row
  • 2 weeks accountability e-coaching to ask questions, get feedback and tie up any loose ends.
  • Opt-in page template, copy suggestions, resources & feedback (Headline, sub-headline, 5 teaser bullets, call to action)
  • Blog post & article ideas to steer your content to driving traffic to your new freebie
  • Social media status updates prepared for you so you can spread the word about your IFO!
  • Evergreen visibility as a case study on the Gina Bell Inc Blog and official program sales page.
  • Visibility Boom action plan to give legs to your new IFO (this piece is in development and will be provided to you once the official un-beta service is launched in January 2012.
  • And more! That’s the beauty of a pilot program. You just never know what other perks and benefits will be thrown into the mix!

Pilot Program BONUS #1 – Professional e-cover graphic

Bump up the perceived value of your IFO with a graphical representation like Jennifer’s Tweets that Rock (above) or my Simple Sales Funnel Formula (below). Dozens of variations to choose from. $50 value.

Pilot Program BONUS #2 – List Attraction Secrets

Already wondering what to do AFTER we define and design your irresistible free offer? I’ve got you covered with my list attraction interview series! Just look at what’s inside:

  • Find Your Social Media Sweet Spot with Amy Porterfield
  • Search Engine Optimization Secrets with Jennifer Bourn
  • Article Marketing for List Attraction with Lisa Angelettie
  • Host a Virtual Event to Leap Your List with Leesa Barnes
  • How to Leap Your List by Creating a High Traffic Blog with Kim De Young
  • Pink Spoon Strategies: Give Your Audience an Irresistible Taste of Your Brilliance with Andrea J. Lee
  • Affiliate Marketing Secrets for List Growth and Profit with Mary Kay Morgan
  • 5 Psychological Triggers to Turn Prospects Into Clients with Michele PW
  • Build a Loyal Following of Ideal Learners for Your Groups (and Grow Your List, too!) with WendyYBailey
  • Eyes Wide Open List-Building: How to Build Your List Based On the Money Map to Freedom with Alexis Martin Neely
  • I’ve Got a List! Now What? Maximize Your Follow Up System for Million Dollar Results! With Katrina Sawa

You’ll learn insider tips and strategies from online entrepreneurs who have mastered the art of list building… Get ready to enjoy more visibility, credibility and profitability! $97 value.

Fast action BONUS for the first 5 – Simple Sales Funnel Formula Program

In my world rapid action is always rewarded. And in this case, you’ll be the first to get your hands on my NEW! Simple Sales Funnel Formula Program this January!

Yes, it’s my gift to you!

This forthcoming virtual home study program includes with 4 mp3 audio training modules, companion PDF checklists, class notes & diagrams. SFF will be ready for release in January 2012. $197 value.

This Sound Great Gina! What’s the fee?

The total value of this program exceeds $2000.00 and the regular fee is planned to be $995 but that’s not what you’ll pay. Not even close…

Be one of the 10 women to step inside the pilot program and you can register to work one to one with me to boost your profit potential for only $295 (Reg. $995)

That’s a savings of $700 or, 70% off – not to mention the valuable bonuses!

And I have to tell you… I never discount my one to one services so consider this beta program a once in a lifetime opportunity. All I ask in return is a) your feedback and b) permission to share your before & after story once the official service is launched in 2012. So, register now:

Only $295 for the first 10

Sorry, this program is SOLD OUT.

If you’re on my keep in touch list you’ll be among the first to know when this program is available again. Not on the list yet? Let’s connect here.

Once you’re registered, watch for a welcome email from me confirming your spot. You’ll receive another email within 24-48 hours with a coaching prep form AND instructions to schedule your first strategy session.

Please send any questions thru the contact page.

Karma friendly cancellation policy: The moment you register, it’s a thumbs up for me to make room in my calendar and refer others away.

I alert my assistant and begin investigating, evaluating your web presence, documenting ideas and light bulb moments on your behalf, keeping you and your business in mind so that I come to the table uber-prepared.

I’m all-in straight out of the gate which is why, with the exception of natural disaster, I don’t offer refunds for one to one service cancellations.

If you need to reschedule your session date, give me a 3-day heads up, I’ll offer at least 3 alternate timeslots, and we’ll figure it out.

Bottom-line: Time is a hot commodity and so precious to me as I’m sure it is to you. So let’s keep it real and respectful.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.