4 Ways to Skyrocket the Results of a Collaboration #meetplaylove

4 Ways to Skyrocket the Results of a Collaboration #meetplaylove

I’m always on the lookout for strategies that expand what is possible. I can’t help it. It’s the “don’t just do it, REALLY do it” in me.

It’s why I love joint ventures so much!

Women who have business girlfriends to play with rise to new levels of success faster – and have the most fun!

Even though joint ventures are a catalyst strategy straight out of the box I’ve discovered ways to squeeze even more goodness out of them.

Here’s how…

1. The VALUE you give… (win-win-win)

A profitable joint venture is good for you, good for the partners you invite to play and it’s good for your collective audience. The project matters and everyone wins.

Caveat: In my world the terms “profitable” and “return on investment” represent a lot more than money.

The biggest mistake I see is focusing only on “what’s in it for me?” i.e. increasing the number of subscribers on a list or how much money can be made with a back end offer.

Yes, these are undeniably important – to you – but in the grand scheme of your project WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM requires the lions share of your time and attention.

Tip: Keep in mind that there are two sides to this coin.

1) Your ideal prospects – the people you want to attract to your list through the joint venture project.

2) Your ideal partners – the experts that you want to invite to participate in the project for mutual benefit.

Get this right and it amplifies the value that comes to you. Trust me on this.

2. The PARTNERS you invite to play…

A profitable joint venture involves partners who serve your target market in a complementary way. They have their own following which expands everyone’s reach and most importantly – they’re excited to not only be part of your project but to share it with their community.

It’s vital that the experts you invite really want to be part of the team. If they’re “doing you a favor”, the likelihood that they’ll fully contribute is slim.

Tip: Hold each partner to the same standards. Every once in a while you’ll run into a potential partner who wants to negotiate the terms of their participation. It’s not a bad thing but it can become a can of worms if you “go there” with one and other partners find out.

Don’t be afraid to hang a vacancy sign for your project if a potential partner isn’t willing or able to fully participate in the way that meets your standards. The partners who are 100% on board will help you fill the space with a partner who shares the collective vision.

3. The TOOLS you leverage…

How far are you willing to go to make your next joint venture as successful as it can be? Are you going to do the bare minimum or are you going to go the extra mile?

The most profitable joint ventures move beyond the basics and leave room for improvisation.

It’s very common for those leading a joint venture to coordinate a solo email broadcast that each partner sends to their communities. But more and more there is push back on this. Some want to “protect their lists” (which really should lead to them not being involved at all) and others feel strongly about other channels of marketing.

So what can you do in addition to, or instead of that will take your project to dramatic new heights? One example is to provide a menu of marketing options and ask your partners to choose 2 or 3 that they can commit to. This allows them to play to their strengths and honour any marketing standards they have in place that might conflict with one of more of the options.

Tip: Ask each joint venture partner what ideas they have beyond the basics. You’ll be surprised what you’ll discover and the doors to expanded visibility that will open as a result.

Not only that, the partners will feel more involved. And human nature demonstrates that people support what they help to create.

4. The OFFERS you make…

Profitable joint ventures are attractive to your ideal prospect AND to potential joint venture partners.

You must clearly define “what’s in it for them” and resist the urge to ASSUME.

Your ability to ask is one of the most underleveraged success tools on the planet. Why guess when you can KNOW.

Ask. Then, act accordingly.

When you give people exactly what they want your invitations become irresistible. Tweet that!

Tip: Sometimes the type of joint venture you choose makes all the difference. This was definitely the case for me when I switched my modus operandi from telesummits to publishing a digital magazine. This one variation more than doubled my results and now I’m on the hunt for that next type of JV that will uplevel my results. (I’ll keep you posted).

Did you find value in this post? My goal was to expand what is possible for your (first) or next joint venture. I’d love for you to share it with others and contribute to the conversation by commenting below.

If the Process of Branding Your Biz Driving You Bananas THIS new resource is for You!

If the Process of Branding Your Biz Driving You Bananas THIS new resource is for You!

Is the process of branding your biz driving you bananas?

If you’re anything like me you’re probably no stranger to sugary sweets…

…your daily chocolate fix…the cheesecake you enjoyed last week…that favorite holiday treat that you’re already hankering for…

But what about the kind of *SWEET* your target market is hungry for?

They’re looking for a business that solves their problem; a service provider they can trust; a fantastic product that up to this point they’ve only dreamed existed.

They’re looking for…YOU!

But for them to know that you’re the solution they’ve been praying for, you’ve got to SHOW THEM!

You need to flaunt your special something—your sweet spot—so your right customers can freely fall in love with your signature style of business and your extra-special products or services.

Yet, I know from experience that identifying and capitalizing on that sweet spot is not easy (especially if you’re multi-passionate like me).

Creating a truly *sweet* brand from scratch may seem daunting now—but with some excellent advice, insider secrets, and the inspiration to embark courageously on your own branding journey, I believe that you too can find your own SWEET BRAND.

That’s why I’m sharing my some of my best branding wisdom, in the fabulous new One Sweet Brand magazine. How to align the brilliance of your brand with a Joint (ad)Venture (see page 22-25) because women who have business girlfriends to play with rise to higher levels of success faster—and have more fun!

One Sweet Brand was created by my friend Barbara Austin of Sweet Dreamz Design, to take the mystery out of “branding”, and open the door for you to create one *sweet* brand for your business!

In this magazine, you’ll find some super-deep-dish stuff, like:

  • having the courage to be vulnerable in your brand,
  • how to make your brand a seamless expression of YOU,
  • when to stop copying and start paving your own way,
  • as well as a behind-the-scenes look at 10 ladypreneurs + what makes their brands tick.

If you’re ready to bring your unique gifts to the surface, to create an irresistibly *sweet* brand that will resonate with your audience, then click here to get your FREE copy of One Sweet Brand magazine now.

Cheers to YOU & your amazing business,

~ Gina xo

You asked the expert but what did you REALLY want to know?

You asked the expert but what did you REALLY want to know?

Imagine being seated next to a table of highly successful online entrepreneurs…

You can hear EVERYTHING they’re saying…

It’s the epitome of being a fly on the wall.

But what if you could do even better than that?

What if you were invited to join their table. OMgosh right?!

What questions would you ask them?

And, what is it that you’d REALLY want to know assuming you could muster the courage to ask it?

Would you ask about overcoming fear? Dealing with rejection? Getting clients? Making money? Getting noticed? Writing a book? Online visibility? Joint Ventures?

What would YOU ask if you could?

This is the premise of a forthcoming project…

She Dared It“…

A behind the scenes look at how the super-achievers we admire overcome fear, get sh*t done and dust themselves off on the other side of a “flop”.

But, that’s just for starters.

I’m planning to ask digital go-getters not just 1, not 3, but 10 questions…

Which is why I want to know what you really want to know 😉

I’ve created a short survey where you can help to develop these top 10 questions AND provide your feedback about the format (i.e. If not a telesummits, what?).

Thanks in advance…

Have your say by participating in the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MB5XMRN

Slow Road or Fast Track – Your Choice (Video)

Slow Road or Fast Track – Your Choice (Video)

“That’s it! I’m getting a job at Starbucks!”

This was the running “joke” between a business girlfriend and I for what seemed like the longest time…


It was ‘code red’ for…
OMG, I’m so ready to give up!

Funny – and sad – at the same time yes?…

You see: 

So many online entrepreneurs are finding it a constant struggle to make a sale or two online these days (not to mention consistent income and time freedom)!

How about you?

Did you start on the fast track only to discover you’re actually on the SLOW ROAD?

Did you underestimate the TIME, TECHNOLOGY and TENACITY necessary to succeed in the complicated online marketing world we play in?

Are you losing faith in YOUR ability to actually make a real go of it online? 

And, have you been “hanging in there” because deep down you KNOW there’s got to be a better way? 

Well you’re RIGHT!

There IS a better way!

I’ve struggled online too, to the point where I almost quit (um, Starbucks).

I was beyond ready for an EASY BUTTON… You?

TRUTH… success can be hard OR, it can be easy.

…It’s your choice.

And this is why I’m so excited to share a SIMPLE and proven 3-step method…

… to add MORE free time to your calendar and money in your bank – faster than you’ve imagined possible!

Because I KNOW you’ll agree with me that…

… there’s never been a better time for your dotcom dream to come true than RIGHT NOW!

So if you’re NOT ready to give up just yet I want you to meet one of my mentors.

He’s one of the TOP Internet Marketers in the world today whose methods are revolutionizing how entrepreneurs make money online.

But, I’ve got to warn you…

I’ll introduce you ONLY if you promise NOT to laugh.
(I’m dead serious about that).

He’s raw – in a beach bum surfer dude way.

You’ll be surprised by his appearance but don’t let that fool you.

It’s really IMPORTANT to give the video a few short minutes because you’ll quickly see the marketing genius that he is.

And I know you’ll be inspired when hear the story of how he went from living in his van to making over $30,000 in one month after only being online for 90 days!

(Now, it’s a DAILY income for him!)

This video training will reveal how you can: 

  • Plug into a proven formula for online wealth creation and simplified online business model that gets the right people to LOVE buying from you.
  • Leverage a SECRET marketing method PROVEN to teach online entrepreneurs how to make $1000 a day (or more!).
  • Run a successful online business from anywhere in the world with just a smartphone or laptop. I personally LOVE being a Laptop CEO!
  • LIVE the “4 Hour Work Week” entrepreneurial dream lifestyle making more while working less than you’ve imagined possible.
  • Steadily attract new subscribers and convert a high percentage into sales without picking up the phone, giving away free “discovery sessions” OR praying that it’s going to work (because THIS really does!).
  • Retire launch and burn methods that keep online entrepreneurs frustrated, broke and wondering if they’ve got what it takes.

You DO have what it takes!

– Especially when you leverage a SIMPLE and proven system for creating the life and business you really want.

Go ahead and watch the video with my mentor now by entering your best email on this page.

It’s going to shock you – in a really good way.

I’ve changed the entire landscape of my own online business because of it.

Go! Watch it now.

And then get started HERE

~ Gina xo


Fluff Is For Pillows Not Info Products

women in business online - fluff is for pillows not information productsI’ve been having a blast hosting the Equity-Rich Women Online Pilot Program. Just the right women have stepped up to be involved (they are saying so too!).

Our mastermind forum is buzzing with aha’s, breakthroughs and priceless feedback. If you’ve never been part of a group coaching program or mastermind before I highly recommend it.

Call #3 last week was about creative thinking versus traditional thinking and one of the participants posted an aha moment in the forum which led to further conversation around developing products and programs.

During that conversation the topic of going deep versus wide to address the core problem(s) and/or desire(s) of your ideal client came up. To me, getting this part right is what really differentiates the experts from less-than-ethical marketers. Let me explain…

Have you ever purchased an information product only to find that it was totally not worth the money because the content was “wide” not deep; barely scratching the surface with any one topic to be of value?

I’ve been there…

The package arrives;

you rip it open anxious to devour the information;

you dig right in but each time you think the “expert” is going to dive into a topic…

whoosh, they’re right back at the surface again.

If you can relate, you “get” the idea of going deep with your content (because you’ve experienced lack of depth first hand!!). It’s frustrating as a consumer (feeling ripped off like this) and for the ones out there creating content like this it’s a really fast way to get a bad reputation. Pssst… people DO talk.

A number of the pilot program participants shared similar stories of disappointment over information products they had purchased in the past. And one of the gals summed it up perfectly by saying “fluff is for pillows”. Oh I couldn’t agree more!

Unfortunately this has happened to me a few times. I paid a LOT of money not once but twice to end up with products that had no real depth at all (and both were from women that most would consider “celebrity gurus”. And yes, I was shocked.)

It’s kinda frustrating that effective marketing can lead to the sales of crappy products… well at least until the reputation catches up with the creators that is. And for the record, I do not advocate the creation or sale of crappy – fluffy – products ever!! Just because you “CAN” doesn’t mean you should.

Action Advice: The moral of this story is that THIS is exactly why gaining clarity around who your ideal client really is becomes so darned important. And I find that most entrepreneurs don’t spend nearly enough time on this.

By gaining insight into what their core problem(s) really are (i.e. their 911 scenario) you can then go deep to solve them… one problem at a time.

Not only that, you can anticipate what’s next for them. In other words, when you solve a problem a new problem rises to the forefront – you can “predict” what that new problem is and present a timely solution. They’ll think you can read their minds.

Pull out your calendar right now and set a date with yourself to address (or re-address) further clarity around who your ideal client really is and what their most burning problems and desires really are. KNOWING your ideal client intimately well is the key to long term success.

And remember… Say no to fluff!

Q. What do you think about the idea of going deep with your content to address one problem or desire at a time for your clients/customers?

Q. Do you have a fluffy product or program experience? If so, share it below (just the story/experience though i.e. don’t divulge names ok).