Create a Visibility Boom with a Blog Commenting Circle

Create a Visibility Boom with a Blog Commenting Circle

A little over a year ago you could have heard a virtual pin drop on my blog!

For an ambitious woman like me on a mission to change lives – including my own, “No Comments” felt more like “I’m Invisible”.

Can you relate? You know your posts are valuable and crammed with potential but nobody seems to be reading – and that means not a lot of social media sharing going on either.

You’re not making an impact and, you’re not feeling validated for the amazing work you do. Not to mention the client attraction and profitability concerns that go hand in glove!

If you’ve ever had someone comment on a blog post, re-tweet your wisdom on twitter or like a Facebook comment you know exactly what I mean by feeling validated. It’s kinda like that person gave you a gift – right? WOW… someone sees me, hey – I think they even like me. It’s pretty big.

If you’re not feeling the love yet – what you need is a catalyst – something to stimulate the active, engaged community-driven blog environment you’ve been dreaming of…

Let me introduce you to the idea of a Blog Commenting Circle (BCC)… a group of complimentary bloggers/experts who agree to comment on and share each other’s featured blog post each week (or, according to the “pool rules” you create).

The one that I was invited to join uses a private Facebook group as our virtual HQ. It’s simple and can be set up in minutes. The “pool rules” or group guidelines can be posted to the documents section for reference (get each member of the group to like/comment on the rules in the beginning to ensure everyone’s on the same page).

People – this is something that you can set up TODAY.

Step One. Make a list.

Brainstorm 10 to 12 complimentary experts and/or business supporters. They like your stuff and you like theirs. Even better – you serve the same audience but in a complimentary (not competing) way.

Step Two. Define your pool rules.

First and foremost, keep it simple. Here’s an example of what I’ve seen work really well:

  1. Each week the host will kick off the week’s “campaign” inviting each member to share one blog post they’d like “boosted” with comments.
  2. Members will post their blog links to the comments section under the campaign post on the Facebook group’s page.
  3. Members are to click through to each of their fellow member’s blog posts to leave a meaningful comment (and/or share via social media – you could make that optional if you want depending on the needs of the group). Comments are to add value to the blog author and the post itself.
  4. Submitting your post for comment support and failing to reciprocate (comment on other submitted posts) is grounds for removal from the group.

Considerations before you invite…

  • How often do the prospective members on your list update their blog? Pop on over and take a look. This way you can pull together an active group who are blogging at the same pace. Nobody will feel pressured to keep up.
  • What if a member doesn’t have a post to submit one week? My advice… encourage them to still comment for the ones who do
  • Social media sharing? – i.e. Facebook and Twitter – will this be mandatory or optional?
  • What about launches and special promotions? Will members be allowed to request extra support? Be sure to define the expectations of the members… would sharing or commenting be optional or mandatory in this case?

Step Three. Invite Others to Play.

Keep it simple and clear. Let them know what’s in it for them and why you’re inviting them. Ask them to reply to your message with a yes or no. If yes – tell them you’ll follow up by adding them to the private Facebook group. Give them a heads up of when you plan to get the ball rolling. (Create your facebook page at:

VARIATION: You can create a Facebook Page commenting circle instead. So rather than have your circle members comment on a blog post, get them to comment on a Facebook post. Strategy is the same – just the venue changes.

There’s a way to do this on Twitter too – and, I’ve found some cool automation tools that amp up the volume but, that’s meant for another blog post 😉 so stay tuned!

WAIT! Before you go… Are you using a strategy like this effectively? Or maybe there’s something else you’re doing to build buzz and get people talking on your blog. Do tell… I’ll meet you in the comments section xo

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Gina Bell works with women in business who struggle with self-promotion and are tired of feeling invisible. She teaches them how to use Social Media + Blogging to build a highly visible personal brand that gets more eyes on their offers more often. Take your business from invisible to in demand at


  1. Gina, I have enjoyed sharing blog posts with you! I like your idea of doing this on Facebook pages also. I believe I’m going to start that one with my good Facebook buddies! The more, the merrier.

    Go BCC’s and FBCC’s. Spreading the love…xo

    • Hi Amy! I also really love the idea of using this strategy to focus on a Facebook page instead of a blog so an FBCC is on my visibility boom to do too! Let’s be sure to compare notes! xo

  2. Great post GIna! This is collaboration and interaction full throttle! Love, love, love it, and I love the mindset that we should support each other’s success! Keep rockin’ it!


    • Hey Margo! So nice to see you here :) It’s much more rewarding when we can share successes and support each other isn’t it? xo

    • Woohoo! Shannon I love the sound of that! Keep us posted okay & have fun! xo

  3. Hi Gina,
    Kathy Miller of Wellness Possibilities, who knows you from the Soul Language Community (a Negotiator, Image Maker and Evolver, myself!) sent me a link to this post. What a brilliant idea! I love this kind of creativity – so vital as we seek a supportive, circular, some may say “feminine” way to support one another in a world rule by constantly advancing and vanishing news feeds!

    Would love to connect further. Conscious Harvest is my new partnership, but you can also find me at and at my Brave Harvest Holistic Promotions Facebook page.

    Be well, Marisa

    • Hi Marisa! It’s great to meet you! My Soul Language ID’s for my business are… Lawmaker, Politician, Firemaker. Love connecting with like-minded gals! I’ll look for you on Facebook.

      • I love being introduced to languages that are new to me – haven’t even heard of a Firemaker before! My Soul Languages for Brave Harvest are Prophet, Teacher, and Evolver, but I am not sure yet how they play into my new partnership. This language game can go on and on!

        • Hi Marisa, Jennifer introduced “Firemaker” into the mix earlier this year. Here’s the short version… Firemaker: You provide details that seem small at first and yet have a profound effect on evolution. In a sense, you create a spark that ignites a fire. You have the ability to be passionate about a subject and that passion can be spread to others. Influential words: Passion. Movement. Eternal. Symbol: Adar (sacred fire). Abilities & talents: Abilities and talents: the ability to evoke and ignite the passions in others; the ability to maintain a consistent passion for a long time.

          Isn’t it FUN to speak in terms of soul language! I LOVE having this lens for a deeper understanding of myself. And oh yes – it can go on and on!

  4. Gina,
    Great post and thanks for spelling it out so clearly. I was recently contacted to do something similar yet ground rules weren’t established yet. Appreciate how well you laid this out and will definitely move forward with one.

  5. Hi Gina,

    I am loving this idea. You had it so well organized and I appreciate you posting this with so much detail.

    Have a fabulous day!

    • Hi Lisa! You’re welcome – so glad you like it. Keep us posted with how it unfolds for you! xo

  6. Gina, thanks so much for writing such a great indepth post. Fanstastic useful practical advice that I will start for myself as well as my clients. You rock!

    • It’s my pleasure Yasmin. Thanks for stopping by the blog – really appreciate you saying hi! Once you or your clients have given it a try keep me posted of the results ok. xo

  7. Hi Gina!

    What a great post! I am going to implement this. I’ve been writing a blog on and off for over a year and get the occasional comment, but not much readership AT ALL. I know how crucial consistency is, but it’s very difficult to maintain that consistency when it feels like no one is paying attention. I hope this will at least be a good start to write “to” someone.

    Knowing that others are expecting my next post, even if they’re online friends, should also be good for accountability.

    I’ll let you know how it goes!

  8. Great actionable steps. I just proposed it to a FB community to which I belong. If that doesn’t fly, I’ll create my own as you suggested. In fact, I may create my own for creating another marketing community!

  9. Thanks for this timely post. A few days ago an interviewee recommended finding a small group to share ideas/comment with. I found your blog by accident – and this post will definitely help for structuring the group!


  10. Hi Gina,

    What a great idea! I love it. This is collaborative team work, something precious to me. I also liked your definition of the firemaker…that is fantastic.

    Have a wonderful day.

  11. Great actionable steps. I just proposed it to a FB community to which I belong. If that doesn’t fly, I’ll create my own as you suggested. In fact, I may create my own for creating another marketing community!. It’s really going to be of great help.

    • Hi Alex, yes definitely start your own. I belong to one and started one. You’ll love it!

      ~ Gina xo

  12. Hi Gina,

    thank you for this great motivational and inspirational post! I totally agree with you, creating a circle of like-minded people is really a great way to drive and share your ideas out there. I’ve just started my blog and I’ve already seen how through Twitter and meeting up with a few links it’s opened the doors to so many other persons with the same interests/objectives. For example I discovered Margo DeGange through Women of Splendor and then through Margo I discovered you! I’m loving the process! For the time being I can’t commit to a group yet due to time-constraints but I’m doing my best already to comment on posts and share on Twitter. I’ve also found you on Facebook so hope we’ll share more soon!

    Best of luck and thanks for all the tips. You can find out more about me on my blog, especially in the short section “About”. 😉

    Happy blogging!

  13. Gina,
    I love the idea of this because Google puts a lot of stock in how much interaction there is on your blog when determining ranking.

    But it also makes me a tad nervous because this reminds me of the old link circle idea which Google really frowned upon.

    I have not used either technique and I too feel especially validated when I get blog comments.

    Some of my posts get lots of attention, others not so much, but they are all comments freely given which makes them more valuable and personally gratifying.

    • Hi Debra! How are you :) Hmmm… I’ve never heard of the link circles you’re referring to but I am unfortunately familiar with people using strategies in ways that lack integrity. Why do people do that?

      Here, the intention behind my nudging is to be fun and meaningful bringing like-minds together in collaboration and support. A team of cheerleaders who resonate with each others message.

      Begs to be said though… anyone looking to start or participate in any kind of collaborative endeavor is wise to do some reconnaissance to make sure they can feel great about what ultimately comes together. (Or, run far far away if that’s the action that makes sense hahaha!)

      Thanks so much for popping on over to share your thoughts! xo

  14. I love this concept Gina!! Thanks for sharing the cool idea.

  15. I love this. I have done a similar thing with 4 others and it improved my Alexa rating like you wouldn’t believe! Plus I was able to build great relationships with the group. It is wonderful to be a part of a supportive group like this.

  16. Brilliant idea! Since I don’t know that many women who have their own blog…Do any of you ladies belong to one of these commenting circles that is accepting new members?
    I would LOVE to give support to other female business owners and would love some more support too. If you have an opening in one of your circles let me know.
    Thanks Gina for the awesome article…it really got my brain cooking!

  17. YOU are full of awesome sauce. What a great idea!

  18. Hi, thanks for this post, I have a blog that I admit to not promoting as I should – crazy given the time it can take to create the content.

    This is a really good idea and I am going to start brainstorming some people to approach right now!

    Thanks for a FAB idea!

  19. This is similar to what I’m doing on my blog. I created a 30-day blog series to help faith-centered entrepreneurs develop more naked faith. I asked 27 of my friends to contribute an article to the series. Then, each day, a new post is published on my blog. The contributor then replies to comments on my blog and I provide a link back to the contributor’s site so people can learn more about them. Since launching this blog series, the average comments have grown from 4 to 38 comments per post.

    I’ve enjoyed using this strategy and have been thinking about ways to stretch this so that after the 30-day blog series is over, I can continue to nurture the community with great content. I love the idea of a blog commenting circle.

  20. I was totally feeling invisible yesterday. I’ve been blogging for a long time….and blah. I took a deep breath and asked the Universe to guide me to some goooooood stuff on how to expand my reach and readership! I heard about your site via the Hindsight post shared by Lisa Marie Selow —- and then within 2 clicks I find this! Thank Universe– you are SO for me.

    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge!
    -Allison Crow

  21. Hi Gina

    I know this is an old post, but I just read it now.
    I’ve take your advise, I’m starting my own private commenting community. I always wondered how people were do it. Wish me luck.

    Thank you.

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