Dare Change (a little inspiration that packs a big punch!)

Dare Change (a little inspiration that packs a big punch!)

This video is just over a minute long and yet it manages to pack such an inspirational punch!

It got me thinking about how often I’ve taken a step backwards because of fear … and how easily I can get caught up in the murky sea of “what if’s”! Oh the stories my mind can weave! Yours?

It’s got me feeling extra grateful for my mastermind partners and the times they’ve talked me down off the ledge or pointed out something amazing that I had not recognized in myself – yet.

Bottom line: This beautiful short is an excellent reminder that getting to the other side of our fears is worth the temporary discomfort and not the big bad and scary thing we created in our minds.

.I’d love to know what you think…. share your thoughts below :~)

~ Gina xo

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  1. Gina, what a great video!! Very true that what holds us back is often ourselves, and nothing more!

    • Hi Sandy, so true! Glad you liked the video – I knew I had to share it when I saw it. It’s short but seems so much “taller” he he – its all in the impact.

  2. Wow! Great video. Speaks volumes about how when you step into what you fear, the fear dissipates. Thank you for sharing, well done!

    • It’s a good one isn’t it. I wish I could take credit for creating it but I found it on Facebook and found a youtube link. Not sure who the original creator is. And I agree… that scene where she runs at the wolf and it disappears is the perfect visual isn’t it!

  3. Great video Gina!

    It reminds me of something that happened to me when I was about 13 years old.
    I had a paper route and it was a beautiful summer day.Some how I had managed to convince all the kids in my neighborhood to come with me.
    There was one long stretch of road that had a scary house on it up a long driveway with a bunch of mean attack dogs penned up in the yard. They would bark and howl whenever I would walk by. It was scary!!

    As the gang of us approached the house, we quieted down our laughing and shouting and tried to sneak by unnoticed. But the dogs started barking and howling, and next thing you know they were running down the long driveway after us!!

    WE all looked at each other in panic and someone yelled “RUN!!!!”.
    All 8 of us took off in different directions.I remember running faster than I’d ever run before. A big German Shepard was after me; barking and gaining fast!

    Then something switched over inside of me. I was furious that this dog had me on the run and was wreaking my good time.I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around and screamed right in the dogs face- “Get away from me!!” The dog stopped dead in it’s tracks and turned tail and ran away.

    Can I tell you how powerful I felt!! Right about then, the owner of the dogs drove up and called them all home.
    The rest of the kids emerged from their hiding paces. I was the hero for the rest of that summer.

    This expereince taught me to stand up to my fear. Running from it only made things worse!!

    Thanks for reminding me of this!!!
    Rock on!

  4. That is so powerful!!!!! I love it!!!! I feel like that every day. Life can be so scary and the best things happen when we face fear and take that step.

    Thank you so much for sharing Gina!



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