Do You REALLY Know Your Tribe? (a.k.a. How to Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Blog)

Want more targeted visitors to your site and a higher conversion rate too? Then it is vital that every aspect of your website, including how you promote it, speaks directly to your target audience.

You want your website to be “the first and only place” your target market comes to get their needs met.

Think of the benefits of targetted online visibility this way…

  • A potential visitor reads your article on or consumes a guest blog post on a complimentary website, and enjoys it enough to click through to your website or blog.
  • The visitor reads your blog posts and signs up for your newsletter to receive a freebie that addresses a common struggle your ideal clients share in common.
  • Next, the visitor receives pre-written emails (delivered via autoresponder) giving even more value and introduces them to relevant products and services on your website.
  • The recipient clicks through, (or drives to your offline store) buys something, and graduates from subscriber to customer, and you repeat the process.

This is a very basic overview but you get the idea – yes?

To really know your target market – and be visible to them – you must define:

Who They Are — What is their age, sex, marital status? What do they care about as a group?

What They Need & Desire — Once you know them, you can confidently identify their needs and desires.

When They Want It — This is an important component in knowing your target audience. For instance, if they are normally never online on Sundays at 2pm don’t send them an email newsletter that day.

Where They Live — This can be interpreted as where they live geographically OR, for an online entrepreneur like me – where do they hang out online? You want to be there so that you can observe how they behave, see the questions they ask, and get ideas on services and / or products to offer to them (not to mention be there so you become familiar to them and to foster relationships).

Remember, guesswork is optional (and not recommended). A little bit of market research or what I love to call reconnaissance work goes a long way here!

Why You? – This is a question that is more about you than them: Why are you the right person to deal with this target market? What makes you qualified? Why are you SO passionate about helping them with this? Do you know?

You need to answer all of these questions – in detail – so you can provide content that your ideal clients will enjoy reading, obtain value from and pique their interest in more.

In addition, you want the products and services that you offer to fill their urgent needs, and desires. If you truly know your target audience you’ll be able to create timely solutions that they will want to purchase.

Once you know what type of products or services you will provide, and to whom, you’ll be better able to create content that is compelling and attracts those visitors.

By observing message boards and forums tailored to your target audience and directly asking questions on social media to find out exactly what they are asking and searching for, you can get an inside and early view of what to offer them. Yes – you CAN give them exactly what they want. I’ll say it again – guesswork is optional and not recommended.

Another great way to boost online visibility and get more targeted traffic to your website or blog is to participate in blog challenges.

Tip: Do a Google search of blog challenge with your area of expertise to find targeted opportunities. i.e. “Information Marketing Blog Challenge”; “Self-Publishers Blog Challenge”. You get the idea.

Anyway, you can check out the one I frequently participate in and consider joining me here: I think the next one is in June(?).

Oh and before you go. What ways have you found to successfully increase targeted traffic to your blog/website? I’d love for you to share in the comments.

P.S. If you’re really serious about getting noticed, getting clients and growing your online business you can also plan to join me for the Visibility Boom Bootcamp! We start the week of May 28th… | Read more about it here.

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Gina Bell works with women in business who struggle with self-promotion and are tired of feeling invisible. She teaches them how to use Social Media + Blogging to build a highly visible personal brand that gets more eyes on their offers more often. Take your business from invisible to in demand at


  1. Getting to know your tribe is HUGE. I just wrote a post about how to use Facebook to sleuth out some of these details. And today? I started a Pinterest board to show off my tribe’s About pages so we could all get to know each other better. It’s really fun seeing all those names and faces in one place. (And the tribe is loving it, too).

  2. Gina, thanks for this handy summary! I especially resonated with – Why You? I agree with you 100% – it’s about credibility AND passion. Both ingredients are key to the recipe – kind of like bananas and flour are to banana bread. LOL. Not sure where that metaphor came from!

  3. Here’s my tip:

    Find out which magazines your target market regularly reads or subscribes to. Then search for their editorial calendars online. You will see what topics the magazine will be focusing on for each issue and you can create some content about those topics a couple of weeks BEFORE the magazine hits the newstands. You’ll look like you’re on top of a trend AND be talking about stuff your target market wants to hear about!

  4. Writing guest blog posts or commenting on other blogs that are in my target market! Not only does it help me reach more customers, but I’ve built relationships with other bloggers/online marketers that have turned into more visibility opportunities.

    And LOVE your tips on the blog challenge. I signed up!

  5. I love this Gina.

    You touched on the fact that a client is not just a demographic. A client must be looked at demographically, geographically and pschographically as well. KEY!

    So often I work with clients who worked with a coach before me, and many of these clients got hung up, becasue a coach told them they MUST know the PAIN of the target, they MUST know the PAIN POINTS.

    I have to be honest, I almost get sick when I hear this. Yes, you can motivate people to buy with a solution to their pain, but more often people buy for pleasure, and depending on the service or products you sell, that may be the only reason some peeps buy.

    I leaned this selling Interior Decorating and design services and things like custom baby bedding and elaborate, high-end window treatments that cost customers a fortune. I sold a lot of expensive items with a HUGE average ticket most entrepreneurs only dream of, and it was because I knew what THRILLED my clients, what tapped into their pleasure. Very few of these clients stayed up at night worrying about decorating (pain points) but almost all of them wanted their home to be the BOMB!

    So how do you get peeps to come to you? By being amazing, fun, exciting, connected, different, thrilling, and by relating with what excites them, not what freaks them the hell out!

    Love and hugs GINA for a FABULOUS POST, as usual!


  6. I use Pinterest a lot to attract clients who appreciate my unique take on food and nutrition. I also do a few blog hops, write guest blog posts and comment on other blogs within my target market. Love your tips, as always!


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