Question for you… Do you think of yourself as a service-based professional or entrepreneur/business owner?

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” ~ Goethe

Do you ever feel like your business has taken control of your life? Does it feel like a JOB you’ve created for yourself instead of the freedom and joy you started your business for in the first place? Overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid?

Ouch! Girlfriend, it’s time to show your business who’s boss. (Yes, YOU silly!)

What do you really want YOUR life and business to be like?

In order to design a freedom-rich business, you’ve got to have the framework to build on – and that starts with YOU. (And a willingness to be radically honest!)

Define what success means to you, dream about what that looks like in techno-color detail, declare the who what and why of the work you do and then – and only then – design your business to reflect it.

You can create success without sacrifice and you can course-correct quickly too.


Today is the day you’re going to reclaim ownership of your business. Full, total, no-excuses responsibility.

Today is the day you’re tossing away the other “hats” you wear and replacing them with one that says “CEO”.

Today you’re going to focus on doing what you do best and delete, delegate or automate the rest.

Reality check: Do you think Oprah manages incoming email? Answers the phone? Social Media outreach? Think of the team she relied on each week to produce her show.

And before you dismiss the example and say “Well Yeah, She’s Oprah and a Gazillionaire”. Keep in mind that Oprah worked her way up to success. She decided to and she did it because she OWNed it.

“No one creates success alone, and no one has to.” ~ Oprah

Action Step: First and foremost, if you haven’t clearly defined what success means to you do it now.

And a really fun way you can stay in that CEO role from day to day is to identify a successful entrepreneur you admire…

Sir Richard Branson? Oprah Winfrey?

And when you’re faced with a business decision show your business who’s boss by asking …What would (insert name of your fave mentor) do?

Before you go, I’d love to know… Have you given your inner CEO permission to shine? And if so, what other actions do you take to lead your business instead of your business leading you?

See you in the comments… xo

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