Freedom Fix: Average Joe or CEO?

Freedom Fix: Average Joe or CEO?

Question for you… Do you think of yourself as a service-based professional or entrepreneur/business owner?

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” ~ Goethe

Do you ever feel like your business has taken control of your life? Does it feel like a JOB you’ve created for yourself instead of the freedom and joy you started your business for in the first place? Overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid?

Ouch! Girlfriend, it’s time to show your business who’s boss. (Yes, YOU silly!)

What do you really want YOUR life and business to be like?

In order to design a freedom-rich business, you’ve got to have the framework to build on – and that starts with YOU. (And a willingness to be radically honest!)

Define what success means to you, dream about what that looks like in techno-color detail, declare the who what and why of the work you do and then – and only then – design your business to reflect it.

You can create success without sacrifice and you can course-correct quickly too.


Today is the day you’re going to reclaim ownership of your business. Full, total, no-excuses responsibility.

Today is the day you’re tossing away the other “hats” you wear and replacing them with one that says “CEO”.

Today you’re going to focus on doing what you do best and delete, delegate or automate the rest.

Reality check: Do you think Oprah manages incoming email? Answers the phone? Social Media outreach? Think of the team she relied on each week to produce her show.

And before you dismiss the example and say “Well Yeah, She’s Oprah and a Gazillionaire”. Keep in mind that Oprah worked her way up to success. She decided to and she did it because she OWNed it.

“No one creates success alone, and no one has to.” ~ Oprah

Action Step: First and foremost, if you haven’t clearly defined what success means to you do it now.

And a really fun way you can stay in that CEO role from day to day is to identify a successful entrepreneur you admire…

Sir Richard Branson? Oprah Winfrey?

And when you’re faced with a business decision show your business who’s boss by asking …What would (insert name of your fave mentor) do?

Before you go, I’d love to know… Have you given your inner CEO permission to shine? And if so, what other actions do you take to lead your business instead of your business leading you?

See you in the comments… xo

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  1. Hmmm…funny my entrepreneur gal pals and I were just discussing this. I do admire Oprah but sometimes think she’s always working so her life is not as balanced as I want mine to be. So we were trying to think of someone we look up to business wise that also has the kind of personal life we would want. Perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow? She seems to have a well balanced life…and a rockin’ bod to boot

    • Agatha, you’re so funny! Love your thought process on Gwyneth as your role model – great idea! What would Gwyneth do? xo

  2. Fantastic post Gina! This speaks to me a lot. BTW, I’m sure Oprah works less than us…LOL. Her success is so big that it appears as she is always working. Now there is something else that came to my mind when I read your post, is that for me, I love what I do so much that it does not feel like a JOB. I’m happy to get up in the morning and I’m fulfilled at night because I spent my day doing only what I love to do….it’s like having a hobby and being able to spend my day doing it, while I get paid. Isn’t it great? I love Oprah, but more because of what she has been capable of achieving, she is a woman with a ’cause’ and that cause is the reason for her success.

    • Hi Christine, Oh yes I knew you’d like this one :) I’m with you on the loving what I do and it doesn’t feel like work. Agree with your thoughts about Oprah too… she is a woman with a cause and what I love about that is just like loving what you do removes the feeling of work or JOB… being passionate about the difference your work makes removes the ick-factor around sales and marketing. When you’re passionate about your work you can’t help but share it with others. I feel super blessed to be an entrepreneur. ~ Gina xo

  3. Great post Gina and very timely! I’m with Christine in that I love what I do so much that I start my day ready to dive in. But I’ve had to tell myself who’s boss and take some R&R, take care of myself before sitting down for my day … and most of all, to delegate, delegate, delegate to others that love their work as much as I do. :)

    As much as I admire Oprah for what she has accomplished (and by the way, we sometimes forget that she’s had her share of obstacles on her way to success) I absolutely LOVE Ellen DeGeneres because of her ‘doin’ my thing’ with a whole lot of humor.

  4. Phenomenal post, Gina! It’s so easy to get sucked into the whirlwind of trying to do it all. I especially love the reference to Oprah (she’s my role model). Of course, she wouldn’t answer the phone, respond to incoming mail, etc. One thing I’ve recently started doing is asking myself, “What money hat am I wearing right now?” This helps me to determine if what I’m working on is in my hourly rate or could be done by someone at a lower hourly rate. Again, thanks for the great reminder to take control of our business.

    • Hi Ann, oooh, I love that question “What money-hat am I wearing right now”. So important to keep that in perspective or hours, days and even months are lost in the minutia of administrative tasks and busyness that could be managed by a specialist giving us the freedom to make more money – and a bigger difference – doing the work we love. Thanks for sharing from your experience Ann! xo

  5. Great post Gina…! I really love this perspective of having crystal clear clarity on what your business represents as a bigger whole. It’s so important to move away (as you say) from practioner role and look at your business, and yourself, in a more strategic way. I’ve always known there was/is a BIGGER VISION for what I’m doing and contributing and as long as I tap into that and continue to remind myself of this, my days and activities take on a whole new energy and meaning. Thanks for the reminder about being strategic and Dreaming BIG! xo

  6. Gina, way to go, CEO (a poet, and I know it)!

    I love your commission to “dream about what that looks like in techno-color detail”. There is no other way. The CEO is first and foremost the VISIONARY!

    Yes, let’s BE the CEO! STOP doing it all alone, all ourselves!

    A CEO takes time off to plan, to see the big picture (sometimes she does this by the pool with a fancy umbrella drink in her hand).

    A CEO understands the organizational chart, if not literally then figuratively. The CEO does not get in the rat trap of administration. She spends her time bringing new business to the business, through ideas that are spreadable, through great marketing, and through important connections she makes as she grows.

    Good stuff Gina, from one CEO to another (to all of us)!


    • Hey Margo! “The CEO is first and foremost the visionary” – YES! I so agree! And I’m with you when you say STOP doing it all alone. That’s something I wish I had done much sooner in my business (and I think a lot of other now CEO’s do too). Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. xo

  7. Gina – there were a lot of great nuggets in this post. I need to go back and write down my vision and goals. I’ve been led astray by other people’s visions! And can you believe that the first time I called my self a “CEO” was this weekend. I need to say it and claim it. I’ve been playing around with other catchy titles, but usually just defaulting to “My business is…” or “I own a business…” Time to put on my CEO panties!

  8. Thanks for such a great reminder Gina! I keep reminding myself to focus on the highest and best use of my time, in every moment. And, that it is okay to let some things drop. Balls dropped can be a good thing, when you are focusing on the best use of your time!

  9. Gina – Oooh … I used to feel like I just created a job for myself. I was working like a dog. I had zero work/life balance – and while I was making great money … me and my family were miserable. Money isn’t everything. Money isn’t worth sacrificing my lifestyle and my time with my family.

    So we made major changes in our workflow, streamlined all of our processes, and made several other adjustments to bring our life back into balance – as much as it can be.

    But you know what’s funny – Ever since I made the decision to put my lifestyle ahead of making money, I make WAY MORE money. It’s as if the universe is saying good job. This is how it should be. Congrats!


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