A common question I am asked is “How often should I email my list?”

The industry standard is weekly BUT, that may or may not be the best frequency for YOU.

The truth is it (frequency) really depends on who your target market is and the problem you help them solve. (And just so we’re clear, consistency is non-negotiable here).

To answer this question for yourself with confidence you must know your target market intimately.

Let me give you an example.

My target market is the entrepreneur who is using the internet to market and grow their business. Their strategies revolve around a blog as their marketing hub and using social media AND social equity (relationships) as visibility channels.

They want to get more of the right eyes on their offers more often and are looking to generate more traffic, leads and sales consistently. Why? Because lead poverty = income poverty. Ouch!

As a result, they are voracious consumers of relevant content and training because they are actively seeking a solution to their problem. This determination can make them very impatient.

Would you agree that it is VERY likely that my ideal prospect is subscribed to dozens if not hundreds of lists? You bet they are!

They are highly motivated to solve their problem because it is having an impact on their ability to be successful (not to mention their bank account).

Now imagine if my content only surfaced in their inbox once a week or less?

Because of WHO my target audience is and WHAT I help them to do, it’s in my best interest to send valuable tips, tools and training more frequently so that I become a high value asset instead of a distant memory or distraction that gets deleted.

So let’s start here:

  1. WHO is your target market?
  2. WHAT problem do you help them solve? (Or, what deep desire do you help them achieve?)

Answering these two questions with as much detail and emotion as possible will help you make a personal decision about how often you should email YOUR list.

And are you getting a sense of how answering these questions will also help you uncover what types of resources and content you “should” deliver?

Once you are clear about who your target market really is and exactly how you help them solve their most pressing problem(s) you can confidently communicate in a way that serves them best.

Now, go grab a pen and paper (or open up a word doc) and start answering these questions as they relate to YOUR business.

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And please feel free to add to the conversation in the comments below.

Gina xo

P.S. You will never run out of people to talk to when you become in demand instead of invisible. HERE’S HOW.

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