In my last post I addressed the idea of “invitation intimidation” head on because the fear of being rejected by the very experts you admire is the #1 thing that gets in the way of being more joint-venturous.

And I totally get it which is why I shared my best strategy with you – along with 7 specific things you can do – to get on their radar before you invite them so they recognize you and respond to your request.

But, this fear can be so insidious I promised not to leave it there.

So let’s talk about the possibility that some of the partners you invite might say… no.

What’s the worst that can happen?

It’s got to mean “something”, right? And that something can’t be good.


Your story of no is a “what if?” game that prevents you from asking for what you want in the first place.

Because it’s not about the word no. It’s about what you think no means.

So let’s clear the air.

It doesn’t mean they don’t like you.
It’s not evidence that you’re not as amazing as everyone thinks you are.
And it’s definitely not proof that you’ll never be successful.

It just means: “not yes.”

What’s so scary about “not yes”?

If we drop the drama, it’s no scarier than flipping a coin – and that’s not scary at all.

Random chance doesn’t keep score and remember, I’ve already given you 7 ways to increase the odds of a “Yes!” response.

So, if you want asking for what you want to be as easy and drama-free as flipping a coin, you don’t have to keep score either.

ASK. Share. Invite. Confidently and consistently.

Sooner or later someone WILL say “yes.”

And from personal experience I can tell you – most will.

I titled this post “I was scared she’d say no but then THIS happened” because I’ve been scared to invite people to my projects – especially the women I felt a bit intimidated by – who seemed more professional, successful and more expert than me.

The first woman who comes to mind is Marie Forleo who was part of my How Does She Do It Summit back in ‘09.

Some of the women I’ve played with really were at a much higher level and playing a much bigger game than I was at the time but that’s where you need to play in order for a joint venture projects to be as successful as possible.

And from experience I can tell you they’re all regular people – they’ve just done things you admire or are aspiring to do too.

And once in a while you’ll find that they’ve been admiring (or even intimidated by) YOU. No jokes!

Bottom line: If you don’t ask you can’t experience all the blessings joint ventures can bring your way and there are many.

I’ll share my favorite perks of partnering with specific examples in the next post.

~ Gina

P.S. My Meet Play Love E-course will help you navigate the nuances of your first (or next) joint (ad)venture of a lifetime so you save time, money and quite possibly your reputation. Learn more and register – HERE.

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