Having been recognized as one of “50 Women You Should Follow on Twitter” by SheOwnsIt.com I’m doing a bit of inventory to see – how did I get here? One of the most common questions I get asked is… “How do you do it?”

I’ve been published alongside Bob Proctor and Dr. John Demartini from The Secret; shared the virtual stage with legendary Authors like Michael Gerber and Marci Shimoff and recognized as women to follow on Twitter alongside (so much more famous than me) Ricki Lake, Mariel Hemingway, Kathy Ireland and Carol Roth to name a few.

WOW… these are horns that I can toot on my media page, in my bio, in book proposals and more! Agree?

And there’s more but I’m not sharing this to brag rather to demonstrate the clout this has brought to me and my career.

And the same rules apply for you…

When you become visible alongside prominent people your credibility is immediately ramped up. The question is – who are you hanging out with? Where are you visible?

I’m lucky to have the “I see you everywhere” factor working for me.

So let’s talk about how to get it working for you…

To be in good company you need to surround yourself with people who build common ground between you and the people you admire (you want to be this bridge for others too).

I’ve developed social equity that inspires others to say… “Hey, do you know Gina Bell? No? Well you should”.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  1. Have something to say and say it often (use the “so what?” test to see if what you say really matters)
  2. Become an advocate for solving your ideal client’s most pressing problem (this is a catalyst to word of mouth buzz).
  3. Say yes to opportunities (step out from the shadows and become visible in your industry. Give people a reason to invite you to play)
  4. Create your own opportunities (invite the experts you admire to joint venture with you – you’d be amazed by who will actually say yes).
  5. Build common ground for others (sometimes they’ll do it for you too)
  6. Be likeable, retweetable and shareable (and do this for those you consider likeable, retweetable and sharable).
  7. Stop trying to be INTERESTING TO others and focus on being INTERESTED IN others.

… Before you know it, you’ll be added to lists, nominated for awards, invited to JV playgrounds and more.

It starts with voting yourself in, declaring what you do, who you do it for and why it matters… I call this “activating your awesome” and it’s the first of 4 steps to creating a Visibility Boom.

Watch for the launch of Rebelations Magazine Visibility Boom issue for more declarations, dares and do’s on this topic. (Coming May 1st!)

Before you go, what other “do’s” would you add to the list of suggestions I shared? Other thoughts? Share them in the comments ok xo

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