In Good Company: 7 Ways to boost credibility through association!

Having been recognized as one of “50 Women You Should Follow on Twitter” by I’m doing a bit of inventory to see – how did I get here? One of the most common questions I get asked is… “How do you do it?”

I’ve been published alongside Bob Proctor and Dr. John Demartini from The Secret; shared the virtual stage with legendary Authors like Michael Gerber and Marci Shimoff and recognized as women to follow on Twitter alongside (so much more famous than me) Ricki Lake, Mariel Hemingway, Kathy Ireland and Carol Roth to name a few.

WOW… these are horns that I can toot on my media page, in my bio, in book proposals and more! Agree?

And there’s more but I’m not sharing this to brag rather to demonstrate the clout this has brought to me and my career.

And the same rules apply for you…

When you become visible alongside prominent people your credibility is immediately ramped up. The question is – who are you hanging out with? Where are you visible?

I’m lucky to have the “I see you everywhere” factor working for me.

So let’s talk about how to get it working for you…

To be in good company you need to surround yourself with people who build common ground between you and the people you admire (you want to be this bridge for others too).

I’ve developed social equity that inspires others to say… “Hey, do you know Gina Bell? No? Well you should”.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  1. Have something to say and say it often (use the “so what?” test to see if what you say really matters)
  2. Become an advocate for solving your ideal client’s most pressing problem (this is a catalyst to word of mouth buzz).
  3. Say yes to opportunities (step out from the shadows and become visible in your industry. Give people a reason to invite you to play)
  4. Create your own opportunities (invite the experts you admire to joint venture with you – you’d be amazed by who will actually say yes).
  5. Build common ground for others (sometimes they’ll do it for you too)
  6. Be likeable, retweetable and shareable (and do this for those you consider likeable, retweetable and sharable).
  7. Stop trying to be INTERESTING TO others and focus on being INTERESTED IN others.

… Before you know it, you’ll be added to lists, nominated for awards, invited to JV playgrounds and more.

It starts with voting yourself in, declaring what you do, who you do it for and why it matters… I call this “activating your awesome” and it’s the first of 4 steps to creating a Visibility Boom.

Watch for the launch of Rebelations Magazine Visibility Boom issue for more declarations, dares and do’s on this topic. (Coming May 1st!)

Before you go, what other “do’s” would you add to the list of suggestions I shared? Other thoughts? Share them in the comments ok xo

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Gina Bell works with women in business who struggle with self-promotion and are tired of feeling invisible. She teaches them how to use Social Media + Blogging to build a highly visible personal brand that gets more eyes on their offers more often. Take your business from invisible to in demand at


  1. Absolutely! For me, a great way of building relationships is to always be generous and sharing with everyone. I don’t know why, but I have the most fun when I can support someone else…and that has come back to me tenfold, even though that is never why I do it.

    • Agatha, I agree – it is more fun to help others and always rewarding. xo

  2. Can I get an ‘Amen!’?

    It is about social equity. It’s not about bragging (although I fell there is a time and a place for that too); it’s about connecting.

    For example, just yesterday I woke up to find that an article I wrote was featured in a New York Times blog. Of course, many asked me how I did it or assumed because I am good at PR and publicity, it was easy.

    But frankly, I had NOTHING to do with it. It happened because of #6 on your list. Others liked an article I wrote and told others about it; one so happened to be a NY Times blogger, who now has passed it on as well.

    See? Social Equity at its best!

    I’m excited to see the new Rebelations Magazine. It shows these exact principles in action!

    • Shannon that is SO cool… I love how this works :) And I bet you get google alerts all the time on stuff like this – yes? And what I love, love, love is there’s an element of momentum that builds. People say “I see you everywhere!” all the time – and that’s evidence to me it works. Thanks for sharing your NYT experience – such a great example of this at play. ~ Gina xo

  3. Gina – This is one fantastic list! I especially liked #7 – Stop trying to be INTERESTING TO others and focus on being INTERESTED IN others. You nailed it, lovely lady. It’s all about being CURIOUS and having a sense of wonder about others, especially those in one’s target market, of course. Thanks again

  4. Congrats on being named “50 Women You Should Follow on Twitter” — I know that being engaged on Twitter takes effort and time and it’s great to get rewarded for that.

    I love your advice “Become an advocate for solving your ideal client’s most pressing problem (this is a catalyst to word of mouth buzz).”: This is something that I need to remember when I get stuck not knowing what to write or how to say it. If you’re always helping someone, you can’t go wrong.

    Thanks, Gina!

    • Yes Danielle! I love how you summarized that so nicely… “If you’re always helping someone you can’t go wrong.” xo

  5. Hi Gina,
    I’ve followed you for a long time and really admire you:) Can you tell me how do go about or approach others for a JV?

  6. Congratulations Gina! You deserve it :)

    • Awww Thanks Tina :)

  7. Congratulations! This is so impressive but yet, not surprising. Because you go for it, you just do it…and you are great at what you do, so it couldn’t be otherwise….and for everybody reading this post….I highly recommend that you meet Gina even virtually to get a sense of what Gina Bell is all about, after 5 minutes you’ll understand why she achieved all that. But now, that being said…LOL I love #4 which goes with #7 for me; to create your own opportunities you must be interested IN other people to make it work. Wonderful post Gina.

  8. First, congrats Gina! You sooo deserve it. You’re a real-life example of all 8 tips. Always in integrity to yourself and your clients (aka you walk your talk).

    Numbers 2, 4 + 7 really stand out for me – be a problem solver, really connect with your community and go out there and make it happen for yourself … as in take action.

    More brilliant advice from the Queen of Joint Ventures!

  9. Wonderful Gina! The greatest thing about this post is your advice to be interested in others instead of trying so hard to be interesting! To me that is what “Giving is the new Getting” is all about (and peeps can read all about that too, in your Rebelpreneur Magbook)!

    Something else you mentioned that struck a chord with me was to surround yourself with people you admire. This not only helps build your visibility, but it helps you to become more and more the person you were meant to be. When you surround yourself with good energy and positive movers and shakers, you allow your brilliance and splendor to come shining through!

    Thanks Gina, for all you do!



  10. Congratulations Gina! You are reaping from all the good seeds you have sown for others.

    You deserve all the love and recognition.

    Love and hugs!


  11. Congratulations, Gina! Noteworthy, for sure! I particularly feel #2 -Become an advocate for solving your ideal client’s most pressing problem is the idea I can grab ahold of and run with. I am such a huge advocate for women who suffer with chronic illness to live a Great Big Juicy Life, no matter what. I so believe they have a gift to bring into the world, and being sick and small prevents them from doing so – UNTIL they work with me! That’s my mission and I’m stickin’ to it!



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