Innovative Women in Business“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt

Have you ever marveled at the creative prowess or distinct approach to entrepreneurship that some people have? (Me too!)

And have you ever wondered if YOU have that kind of creative potential? (I did.)

I believe you do. We all do…

Being innovative is like learning to ride a bike. It takes time, patience and even risk (the training wheels have to come off sometime!). And with practice it gets easier – and more fun.  

Today’s online entrepreneurs crave innovation – and distinction – and for good reason too!

The alternative is feeling lost in a sea of sameness, struggling to stand out in an ever-thickening crowd and worse, sliding down a rabbit hole of comparison and self-doubt.

If you’re feeling like you don’t have an innovative bone in your body, it’s time to build this muscle.

Here are 10 ways you can infuse more innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial edge into your business…

Other People’s Opinions are None of Your Business

Sometimes you have to groove to the beat of your own brilliance or risk drowning out the music you are trying to make.

If you’re craving feedback or validation, choose your confidantes carefully and evaluate opinions with great care.

If every brilliant mind listened to their peers we might still be living in the Middle Ages.

Listen to Music

Have you heard of the “Mozart Effect”? The theory is that listening to music may boost your brainpower, enhance cognitive functioning and improve mental focus.

Don’t worry you don’t have to limit your ears to Mozart alone for positive benefit.

Listening to YOUR favorite tunes can also trigger the brain to release large amounts of dopamine, a chemical that sends “feel good” signals to the rest of the body. 

Get Physical

Take a walk.

Run a mile or two.

Have a five-minute dance party (blog post coming!).

Exercise sends endorphins coursing through your veins and relaxes your mind. In this state, anything can bubble up!

*Try listening to music while you exercise and see where that takes you.

Record your dreams

Dreams live beyond what your conscious mind would think of and are evidence of the untapped innovative power you have within.

Write them down. Be curious about them. Your dreams may ignite an innovative spark in you.

Find your own style.

How do you do that thing you do?

Innovation is not the same as inventing. It’s not necessarily about creating something new – it’s more about how YOU do the tried ‘n true – in your voice and with your creative spin.

When you do your thing your way and from your unique perspective, people see how valuable an asset you are. And they will appreciate your innovation more because it is uniquely yours.

Forget About Trendy Tools and Gadgets

You don’t need the most expensive laptop or a fancy fountain pen to author a bestseller.

Wayne Dyer handwrites his books because he’s discovered a creative connection between head and hand.

But, that doesn’t guarantee his method will work for you. Your groove might dance between Evernote and Google Docs.

The point is to pay attention to, and be honest about, what actually works FOR YOU.

Don’t Just Do It, REALLY Do It.

The best way to invisible-proof your business and rise above the noise is to be willing to do things others aren’t willing to do.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little “extra”.

Example: Rarely a day goes by where there isn’t an announcement in my inbox about at least one new telesummit.

I wanted to break out of that sea of sameness, which is one of the primary reasons why I invested the time, creative energy and money to publish a digital magazine instead. 

Let Your Desires Lead the Way

What do you really want your life and business to look like? What do you want to feel like as you’re living life and doing your “work”?

What actions do you need to take and decisions do you need to make to honor these desires? 

When women navigate their true desires, radical shifts happen.

Be Prepared for Inspiration

Inspiration happens when it happens – and usually when you least expect it.

Have paper and pen within arms reach at all times to capture your thought – by your bed, in your purse, a drawer in the bathroom. Everywhere.

When an idea bubbles up, write it down or risk losing it forever.

Change Your Routine

A routine is a habitual sequence of actions regularly followed. They’re undeniably convenient because they require very little thought and effort. This is a good thing – and, a bad thing.

Prolonged neglect of any muscle leads to atrophy, which makes it more difficult to be creative when it really matters. 

When you change your routine it forces you to find new solutions, new ways to accomplish the same things. When you stretch your thinking in this way you become more creative as a result. 

With these ten tips working in your favor you’ll be leading the way with your best and brightest ideas – the kind we’ll all wish we had thought of first!

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