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You’re In! Welcome! Please take a moment to read in full…

I’m so ready to help you plan your joint (ad)venture of a lifetime. To make sure this will be fun and profitable here’s what you’ll want to do:

#1. Get connected.

I’ve created a private group on Facebook as our Meet Play Love HQ… It’s not mandatory but it is highly recommended because the brainstorming, feedback and connections you’ll make there could be priceless.

Request to join at:

#2. Get organized.

You’re going to receive access to a new lesson every day (Monday thru Friday) for 28 days starting Monday January 5 – a total of 20 lessons.

Create an exclusive email folder for the lessons. This way you’ll be organized and everything will be easy to find so you can revisit them when you need to.

#3. Don’t miss a thing!

Email delivery can be a little sketchy at times. Please add to your safe senders list immediately.

#4. Make room this.

It’s easy to slip into old routines so my best advice is to schedule a 30-minute appointment in your calendar each day that you devote to working through each lesson.

If you really want to leap your business forward with joint ventures you need to make time for the lessons AND the action to follow them. Scheduling time in your calendar will help hold you accountable to the program.

And, last but not least…

#5. In the words of Jerry Maguire…”Help me help you!”

All kidding aside, you’d be doing me (and you) a huge favor by taking a minute to email me the following:

A) What inspired you to enrol in the meet-play-love program?

B) What is your greatest challenge or frustration when it comes to using joint ventures to grow your business? (Please be as detailed as possible).

C) If you could learn ANYTHING about joint venture strategies, what specifically do you most want to learn most in this course?

Oh and before I go, here’s access to the List Attraction Secrets bonus I promised you.

Go to: and use password: growmylist

Thanks so much!

~ Gina xo

P.S. I’m also deeply committed to creating emotional, financial & creative freedom for women — starting with girls. 

What I’d LOVE to do is send as many “high five” donations to GirlUp as possible and it would REALLY help if you would spread the word to the women in business that you know.

You can click to tweet here or send them to the invite page at

Thanks so much!

P.P.S. I love creating and reading manifestos… You?