If I could show you a simple, laid back and tech free way
to find buyers for your product and partners for your business,
would you want me to tell you about it or keep it a secret?

If you haven’t had success in your home business yet, maybe it’s because you haven’t had
access to the formula for success in one easy to follow and understand place…

Your Home Business Success Starts Here!

The video on the next page will introduce you to my Mentor Paul and the proven system we use to fuel every aspect of our home business. Do you crave recurring, reliable and predictable income?…

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When it comes to Network Marketers, Direct Sales Reps and Most Home Business Entrepreneurs, here’s the truth:

People only have so much time in a day. They don’t want to learn about Facebook Pages, Paid Ads, freemiums, funnels or the technical aspects of building an email list. It’s too complicated. It’s not scalable and it’s not easily duplicatable for network marketers.

Many of them don’t want to reach out to friends or family either – at least not in the awkward, relationship-damaging way it is primarily taught.

Most are simply looking for something they can do part time at first, something fun, that fits into the nooks and crannies of their already busy day, something that will create an additional income stream without becoming another JOB, a time suck or a drain on their bank balance, am I right?

If you’re tired of up-sell hell and trying to piecemeal strategies together because there’s always another program to purchase in order to fill in the gaps, you are going to LOVE what you find here!

The Academy Has 4 Layers of Value…






A growing community of ambitious home business entrepreneurs to network with and mastermind with.

Daily mindset training and massive archive of over 1100 recordings to help you navigate the psychological aspects of being an entrepreneur.

Skills & Strategies like the abc’s and 123’s of using your personal profile to crush it on Facebook. The training inside is curriculum-based and complete, designed to help you find buyers for your products and partners for your business – freaky fast!

And, to top it all off, the community masterminds live via video conference every Wednesday for ongoing training, mentorship and support.

The Academy created for Home Business Entrepreneurs eliminates confusion and failure because you can finally find what you need to succeed from home, and do it in the shortest amount of time possible.

Mentorship doesn’t simply mean “selling you a system” and “wishing you luck.”

We won’t build your business for you, but if you’re someone who’s serious about taking action on your better future and being coachable,

…we’re committed to continue guiding you toward financial freedom.

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