Ready to JV? 8 Great Reasons to Be Joint (ad)Venturous!

Joint venture marketing is the primary way that I grow my “list”… my community… my peeps… my tribe by leaps and bounds!

Joint ventures (JV’s) are what I call a CATALYST marketing strategy.

Joint ventures can propel your business forward quickly – even if you’re starting from scratch! Oh I love ’em. Can you tell?

Consider these reasons to be more joint (ad)venturous in your business this year too…

Arrow - Hand Drawn Black1) RAPID LIST BUILDING:

The co-promotion of the joint venture partners creates massive exposure for everyone involved. Ten joint venture partners with an average list size of 2,000 means that your message/event will be exposed to 20,000 people multiple times (AND, exponentially if your concept has legs… “has legs” means it’s an idea that’s worth spreading… it continues to travel down the road all on it’s own. This is good for you and good for your joint venture partners too! I’m sure you can imagine how this can quickly grow your list of new subscribers!

Arrow - Hand Drawn Black2) RELEVANT LIST BUILDING:

When done correctly – the flood of new subscribers you attract through your virtual event are targeted and relevant to your area of expertise. Take the recent Laptop Mom Telesummit as an example. The invitation page (opt-in page) was very clear that this event was for Moms who want to run a rewarding business from home… What’s so exciting about joint ventures, is there is the potential to have the best of both worlds: quantity because of co-promotion AND quality. And, when it comes to list building this is a winning combination!

The more relevant your list, the easier it is to build RELATIONSHIPS which is the heart of your community. Through relationships comes trust and that is the cornerstone of profitability.

Arrow - Hand Drawn Black3) IMMEDIATE REVENUE:

A successful joint venture planned correctly can also lead to immediate revenue. A percentage of the targeted and relevant subscribers you attract will become paying customers.

If we use the recent Switching Gears for Working Moms event I recently participated in as an example again, Tracy invited Working Moms to attend at a free level (and after you register, extended an invitation to support you further with optional upgrade to the Turbo Mama Package for extended access to the mp3 recordings and relevant bonuses to expand the learning opportunity). There’s mutual benefit, it’s non-salesy and attendees get to decide how they wish to participate.


In my opinion, a virtual event is the ultimate leverage. By partnering with other experts in your area of expertise, the collective energy and effort grows your list, boosts your credibility and stimulates revenue. Now you can impact more people AND… do more and more of what you LOVE to do!

Arrow - Hand Drawn Black5) CATALYST FOR MOMENTUM:

A virtual event is a catalyst for tremendous growth. My business grows by leaps and bounds rather than inching along. I’m also able to leverage the momentum and buzz a virtual event creates. My biggest passion is to teach success-driven women how to achieve more online in record time… joint ventures is definitely one of the strategies that can really accelerate your speed of success…


When you partner with other highly respected experts in your field, it boosts your credibility by association. And, as the lead of the joint venture, you boost your fame factor too! “Oh wow! You know [insert name of super cool guru JV partner]? I’m impressed”


Collaborating and creating joint ventures with other experts boosts your credibility through association. As you add value and increase to their lives, they want to add value and increase to you. These mutually beneficial win-win relationships are priceless.


The momentum each joint venture project creates allows me to get the biggest results for my investment of time and money. The key word here again is LEVERAGE. A Joint Venture is SMART marketing on steroids! You’re no longer operating in a bubble.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackBONUS REASON #9: New Passive Revenue Stream

If we go back to the telesummit example, at the end of it all, you now have content (i.e a dozen interviews with experts) that can become an information product that creates passive and recurring income for the long term.

WOW Can you see why I LOVE joint ventures so much??? Which reason is your favorite?

Are you ready to JV? Want to get this powerful strategy working in YOUR business? Great! 

My new “ready to jv” program is ready! It’s called “Meet Play Love: The Rebelpreneurs Guide to Planning a Joint (ad)Venture of a Lifetime!” And, for the month of April, the registration fee is “pay what you can“. 

That’s not a typo AND, I’m taking the giving even further… $5 from every registration is going to 

Check it out here: 

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Gina Bell works with women in business who struggle with self-promotion and are tired of feeling invisible. She teaches them how to use Social Media + Blogging to build a highly visible personal brand that gets more eyes on their offers more often. Take your business from invisible to in demand at


  1. Gina, I’m thankful to have learned JVs from you. You are a gifted teacher and collaborator. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in Meet Play Love!

    • Hey Nadine! Thanks so much!! :) I’m curious, which of the “reasons” is your favourite?

  2. JVs are awesome! No doubt about it, Gina. And I use them for all the reasons you list. But my favorite is an instant surge to my list. I love that, because now I have the ability to market to these people over and over again.

  3. I am so in! I have always wanted to do a JV and your course could not be more perfect timing. My compelling reasons are number 8 and number 5, but they are all excellent! Can’t wait!

  4. I also love the camaraderie and community that you build when you partner with others. It can make the entire process a lot more fun!

  5. Love this article Gina, because it stresses how we can and should be helping each other increase success.

    For me this all goes back to having a career that is also a life mission, and mine is to help others succeed. You nailed it with your 8 PLUS fabulous reasons why serious entrepreneurs should be doing JV’s, and this is true whether or not you have an online business.

    YES, I have to so agree with you about a concept needing “legs” as you call it. basically, and amazing or amazingly needed or useful idea will run like heck!

    Another thing you touched on has been the one thing that has meant the very most to me in doing JV’s over the years, and that is the building and nurturing of RELATIONSHIPS–those with new prospects, new and current customers, with new list subscribers, and MOSTLY, with the wonderful JV partners I have had the privilege of getting to know. There are so many brilliant and lovely peeps out there doing business. We should embrace them instead of being “afraid” of them. I am so thankful for every single person I have meet and gotten to know through JV-ing.

    Gina, thanks for getting the word out about how to build a business with JV’s.
    I also look forward to the fun we are going to have in the Meet, Pray, Love program!




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