If you REALLY want to create a successful business that affords a lifestyle you love you’ve got to remove some phrases from your vocabulary – immediately!

  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
  • It doesn’t matter
  • Whatever

When you are confronted with making a decision, big or small, life altering or insignificant, act as though you DO have a preference and ask yourself these questions instead:

  • If I did know, what would it be?
  • If I did care, which would I prefer?
  • If it did matter, what would I rather do?

Lack of clarity about the things you want and placing more value on the needs and desires of others is a HABIT. One that you can break by purposely doing the opposite.

Now, when you catch yourself using the phrases above, replace them with these questions and make a decision that honors YOU and what YOU really want. In time, your experiences in life and business will become increasingly more fulfilling.

And, if you know you use these phrases way too much and want to step up and claim a life and business you love – join me for the Believability Makeover Program. Discovering what you really do want and what you really do believe will help you break this habit for good!

~ Gina xo

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