Everything begins with an idea (Save this date!)

Everything begins with an idea (Save this date!)

“All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

The challenge though is in knowing what idea to run with and what ideas are merely bright shiny objects of distraction.

One is all it ever takes. One swing of the bat. One stroke of the pen. One person to speak up. One simple concept… put into action.

My colleague Patricia Simoneau of Grassroots Marketing is VERY familiar with the concept that Earl Nightingale noted: “Everything begins with an idea.”

Ideas are like seeds… nothing can grow until a seed – an idea – is planted in such a way that it can take root and grow to what it is intended to be.

And so, Patricia decided to run with one of her own ideas… to host the “Planting the Seeds of IdeasTelesummit and invited me to be part of the expert panel. http://www.mcssl.com/app/?af=1408460

Patricia will interview nine experts between Nov 28th and Dec 1st – including yours truly!

I will be sharing about the comparison trap! How other people’s ideas (OPI’s) can become bright shiny objects, devalue your own original ideas and sabotage authenticity in one fell swoop!

And don’t worry; I’ll also give you tips on how to steer clear of the trap and bounce back fast if you find yourself in it!

It’s unfortunate how often other people’s ideas become a rabbit hole for entrepreneurs who lack self-belief. Patricia and I will be talking about this in great detail.

In each interview, Patricia will also be discussing the two most common roadblocks and how you can keep them from stopping you from following an idea you’re meant to follow:

“I don’t have the time” and “I don’t have the money”

All-in-all, you’ll get NINE unique solutions to help you bust through these obstacles if you’ve ever faced them (I certainly have, many times!)

There is no cost to participate in the Telesummit and you can secure your seat at http://www.mcssl.com/app/?af=1408460

All it takes is one idea to make a difference in your business, and your life. I know, I’m following that path myself right now and the journey has been amazing.

But you’ve got to take action and sometimes things just get in the way (e.g. time, money, mindset).

This Telesummit is all about helping you identify the seeds to plant, the ideas to follow, and moving through any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

I hope you’ll plan to join us! http://www.mcssl.com/app/?af=1408460

~ Gina xo

P.S. The LIVE Telesummit costs exactly $0.00 and there is no obligation to buy the recordings, but if you ever do, know that I’m an affiliate of this event — which means I believe in the value of what we’re creating together – and I may receive commission from any sales generated.