List Attraction in Action: 20+ Tips to Leap Your List!

If you’ve been an online entrepreneur for any length of time you’ve probably heard someone say… “the money is in the list”. But what does that really mean?

It means, as a woman in business online, YOUR LIST is your greatest asset. But not just ANY list. It’s not just about accumulating the biggest list you can.

There’s strategy to consider…

=> Why are you building your list?

=> Who should be on your list?

=> How do you get these people on your list?

=> How do you keep them on your list?

=> How do you grow your list faster?

=> How do you make money from this list?

And I’m saying “list” for simplicity. For you the word might be community, network or tribe. Whatever the word, effective list attraction, retention and monetization skills are ESSENTIAL for long-term success.

Grow your list size and quality and you grow your PROFIT POTENTIAL and this is one aspect of growing your business that you can influence immediately.

If that sounds like something you want to experience in your business, read below to discover what’s working, right now, in the real world, for women in business online:

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