Meaningful Connections – What’s Your ONE THING?

handshakeHave you ever had a conversation like this?

THEM: [Insert your first name], thank you SO much!

YOU: Oh, it was my pleasure. I’m so happy I could help.

THEM: Seriously, I really appreciate this. If there’s ever anything I can do to help you please let me know?

YOU: um, er, oh sure, thanks, I will.

Okay… stop! Reality shift time…

How often does this dialogue occur? Probably pretty darned often – and more than you realize.

And, how often do entrepreneurs make the most of it? Rarely (which is such a shame!). The good news… you’re not alone. The bad news… this is a HUGE missed opportunity.

Now, let’s flip this around. What if the next time this dialogue unfolds you were prepared with a relevant response, a specific way that they could help you if they are able?

Wow! right?

So… what is your one thing?

What kind of “help” do you need right now? What challenges are you facing? What one thing can others do to help you?

  • Can they connect you to someone in their network?
  • Make an introduction? Provide a testimonial or endorsement?
  • Take you as a guest to their networking group?
  • Provide advice or feedback on something specific?
  • Teach you how to do something?
  • Recommend a resource?
  • Help you spread the word about something exciting?
  • What exactly can others do to help you?

The possibilities are endless!

Okay, now it’s your turn…


1) Think about this and set a goal to be able to answer specifically and relevantly the next time someone offers to help you… Make sure it is clear and specific.

2) Go the extra mile by sharing exactly how others can help you here by posting a comment to this blog.  And, if you have a story or example of how you asked for help and got it – that would be great to showcase here too! {Oh and who knows… you may discover ways that you can help others too!}

Conscious Networking… Are You Paying Attention?

soulful networkingToday, more than ever before, it’s essential that entrepreneurs develop and really leverage their networking skills so they can make meaningful connections and build strong and profitable relationships.

Here’s why…

When the economy thrives the focus tends to be on financial capital, financial equity, physical assets, etc… it’s a lot easier to access funding through a bank or investors right.

During times of economic uncertainty… purse strings are tightened, access to financial support is limited or non-existent. All of a sudden the same assets and equity no longer have the same degree of leverage.

What entrepreneurs often don’t realize is that relationships and the social equity developed as a result have a direct reflection on financial capital.

Surrounding yourself with a network of people who really care about your success is like having an insurance policy for success – regardless of the “state of the economy”. This network, your community, will provide strategic introductions, referrals, information, advice and more… all of which can have a dramatic financial result.

So, have you started paying closer attention to YOUR network yet? Do you have a follow up keep in touch plan? Are you staying visible? Are you memorable? Are you adding value and increase to the lives and businesses in your community? (this applies to your online networks too).

Action Tip: Spend some time thinking about this today and take it one step further… identify two people that you know who should meet based on mutual interest or mutual goals. Introduce them. Tell them why you think they should connect – who knows, you may have set the stage for their “million dollar connection”

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