Check it out… Big News for Part-Time Entrepreneurs!

If you are an entrepreneur trying to juggle your passion with a JOB or family priorities… you are going to love this news today!

It is rare to come across an organization that ACTUALLY feels fresh and new. What’s even more exciting is when it fills an obvious need.

I was invited to be part of it and now I get to share it with you!

Finally! World’s First (And Only) Organization for Part-Time Entrepreneurs

I was thrilled to be invited to join the mission to advocate for the success of part-time entrepreneurs as an Expert Advisor. I’ll be sharing surprisingly simple ways to achieve fun, fame and good fortune online – in record time along with 16 other experts in happiness and business matters.

So now I have a question for you.

Are you a part-time entrepreneur (PTE)? If you are passionately trying to grow a business “on the side” of your full-time life … with another job or taking care of your family for example.. then likely you are!

Why does this matter? PTEs have to be super motivated to step beyond a few unique challenges:

1) Comparing their speed of success with that of same-industry full-time entrepreneurs;

2) Reacting out of fear to these comparisons by signing up for costly training programs and taking marketing advice that is not RIGHT and not affordable for their differently paced businesses.

If PTEs are passionate about their business, but not finding practical, proven and easy to implement tips, tools and information to turn that passion into monetized success too… it wreaks havoc on relationships, finances and self-esteem.

But no longer! No more defining part-time success on full-time terms, no more expensive advice when affordable solutions fit your needs much better. PTE businesses are unique, and who you take advice from and your business actions much reflect your reality, nobody else’s.

Say hello to International Alliance of Motivated Part-Time Entrepreneurs (IAMPTE)

IAMPTE is the world’s only organization for PTEs, men and women of any age, trying to make money with a business or concept “on the side” of an already full life.

Not only am I honoured to be an expert, but I’m really looking forward to being a member too!

Join & celebrate with me today! Every new annual member gets $800 in FREE gifts!

Visit the website now at [insert your unique affiliate link here] to see all $800 in free gifts – including the Cash Flow Creator, The Nuts & Bolts of Building a List and much more including How to Set Goals with Confidence contributed by me!

$199 IAMPTE Membership Is Your Best Investment For 2011 –
Even Without the Free Gifts!

The online community, including a content-rich website and weekly mini “How To” e-zines (plus much more) is ONLY $199 for a full year of connecting and learning! IAMPTE is designed to give you EXACTLY the information you need from some of the most trusted experts in small business… 100% committed to save you money and time while accelerating your success, however you define it. 52 weeks of articles, audios, classes, bonuses and much more.

Founder Kim Page Gluckie has pulled together a really exceptional team of experts and everyone truly cares about the success and happiness of those who are motivated to succeed, without making real life an excuse. Real life is the REASON you are a PTE right? So let’s work with your reality, not someone else’s.

Don’t forget! Your $800 in gifts are only for annual memberships & disappear by February 25th.

But get started now. Your weekly “How To” mini ezines begin the day after you join! And your free gifts are waiting for you now.

Find all the information you need here for membership benefits:

And you can also get a flavor of what IAMPTE is all about by browsing the public website, which has some fabulous sample articles about money, marketing and making yourself happy in PTE business life, including (insert your article title if you contributed or edit this sentence– not link or you won’t get your affiliate commission). Or you can pop over to find us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( and join the excitement.

No fluff from us! Just the good information PTEs need to help avoid wasting time and money, so they can get on with growing that amazing business! Let me know if you have any questions. See you at IAMPTE or spread the word!

~ Gina xo

p.s. You can also support IAMPTE with or without being a PTE by getting an affiliate link and earn 5% on every annual membership YOU refer by placing a really great badge on your website that says I Am a PTE or I Am a PTE Supporter! All the information is on the IAMPTE website. Let me know if you need help.