Do You Need a “Blueprint” to be Successful Online?

What if you could have a personal tour guide …

Modern BusinesswomanConsider this – spend a few minutes on google and you will find hundreds (probably thousands!) of “online success blueprints”… from how to create a website, to publishing an ezine; to creating your opt-in freebie, using autoresponders, publishing info products, writing articles, hosting teleseminars, being a guest on radio shows, writing sales copy and more…

They come in all shapes and sizes too: ebooks, toolkits, software, audio products, membership programs, etc.  I sell them myself and they’re great but, they’re not the only thing you need to be successful.

If blueprints were enough we’d all be making millions online.

A blueprint simply points you in one specific direction where personal coaching is like having your own personal tour guide to show you the way, highlighting important things along the way as they relate to YOU.

Think of it this way… A blueprint can teach you how to publish an online newsletter but it can’t tell you if you’ve actually created a good newsletter. It doesn’t know if you’ve put together the most noteworthy buzzable newsletter ever seen or, one that could go down in history as the worst ever. Nor can a blueprint provide feedback on how to IMPROVE a potential flop either.

Don’t get me wrong, a blueprint is a great starting place but, personal coaching provides specific and precise feedback that rapidly closes the gap between where you are now and the goals you have for your business.

And this is where I can help you …

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Women in Business Online: Would THIS have stopped YOU?

  • A soul destroying job that ends each day in tears,
  • an un-supportive husband, facing the breakdown of her marriage,
  • looking after her young son single-handedly,
  • and with limited time to make her dream of a passive income business come true.

CatrionaWelsbyHow many of these obstacles would have stopped you?

Well NONE of them stopped Catriona Welsby – an inspiring woman who is a living example of a modern day Cinderella story. From these unlikely beginnings Catriona created a 6-figure business from scratch, which fits totally around her family.

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You will discover:

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  • The one success secret (that no one ever talks about) that helped Catriona create an online 6-figure business from scratch
  • The story behind Catriona’s first $1000 (this one WILL surprise you)
  • How Catriona discovered the online success strategies that took her from zero to 6-figures
  • Catriona’s foolproof recommendation to help you create your OWN 6 figure online business (even if you’re starting from scratch)
  • Catriona’s inspirational ‘no excuses’ mindset – (nothing will stop you after you’ve heard this!)

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~ Gina xo

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How Does She Do It? Interview with Catriona Welsby of the Women’s Online Business Academy

If you’re facing obstacles setting up an online business, you need to know Catriona Welsby of the Women’s Online Business Academy (WOBA). I’m thrilled to introduce her to you as our featured woman in business online.

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You can also hear Catriona’s amazing modern day Cinderella Story “Against The Odds – One Woman’s Journey from Zero to a 6-figure, Part Time, Online Business” during a FREE teleseminar on November 16th… go ahead and register at then come on back and get to know Catriona through her “How Does She Do It?” interview below…

Catriona Welsby, Women’s Online Business Academy (WOBA)

How long have you been in business online? Since 2007

Provide a brief description of your business a) who do you love to work with? b) what is the #1 greatest benefit they get from working with you?

After creating my first flexible, successful six-figure online business, I became passionate about sharing what I had learned with other women and showing them exactly how they too can achieve a flexible, successful, income-generating business online.  I’m passionate about helping women who want and need flexibility in their working lives in order to create the home lives they want.  Women who want to be able to take their children to school and go to their activities.  Women who have had enough of needing to ask an employer for time off or for shorter working hours.  Women who want to take control of their lives.

I created the Women’s Online Business Academy (WOBA) as a vehicle to share my knowledge and skills, so that other women can achieve the same success and balance in their lives that I have done.

I love to work with women who have a real ‘want’ and ‘need’ to setup and run a successful online business.  They are the women who are hugely motivated and who have a real hunger for online business success.  By working with me, they launch and run an online business that becomes successful far more quickly than if they attempted to do it alone.  They learn how I did it, the mistakes, the pitfalls they need to avoid, and they discover exactly what tools and techniques they need.  In short, they achieve success more quickly and easily than if they went out alone.

What does being a woman in business online mean to you and what is your favorite thing about it?

It means everything to me.  I have a 100% flexible life that many people get no further than just dreaming about.  I can take my son to school and pick him up, I can attend his school plays, take him to swimming lessons and karate lessons.  I can be there when he needs me.  When he’s ill I don’t have to worry about telling an employer that I can’t make it into work.  I can put my family first exactly when I need to without being answerable to a boss.  I can work the part-time hours I want to work, and if I need time off I simply give it to myself.  My favorite thing is flexibility, flexibility, flexibility.

Who or has been your greatest mentor and how have they impacted your success?

The first person that I ‘discovered’ in the world of internet marketing was Bernadette Doyle.  When I first started out I learnt the basics from her.  I still continue to be coached by her to this day, although we have of course progressed from the basics to more complex strategies and techniques (oh yes – and she’s great at giving me a good push when I need it!).  There is no doubt that without a coach or mentor I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I am a firm believer that every successful person needs a coach and mentor regardless of where they are ‘at’ in the online business world.  There is ALWAYS more to learn, and I am continually learning from many different people.  For example, I am a huge fan of Lisa Sasevich and think of her as a mentor although she won’t even be aware of that.  I’ve learnt from her everything I know about speaking from the stage, on webinars and teleseminars.  There are many people who have impacted my success over the years.

What is the one achievement are you most proud of as an entrepreneur so far and why?

Within months of leaving my husband and becoming a single mom to my young son, I had created a hugely successful online business which now brings in 6-figures.  I achieved this success when my life was in a mess – I left the marital home with my young son and suddenly found that I had to support us both.  Unless I wanted to return to being an employee (no thanks!), I had no choice but to make a success of my business.  Instead of using the mess of my life at that time as a reason to run away and rely on an employer, I used this as a firm ‘reason why’ to get out there.  I took action and just did what I had to do to create a successful business.  I do feel very proud that I took that difficult decision, although it wasn’t until recently that I have fully appreciated how proud of that I should be, and the resulting success I have had.

What does “authentic in business” mean to you and why is it important?

For me, being ‘authentic in business’ is all about being me.  It’s about getting involved in things I believe in, and rejecting those that I don’t.  It means being honest and open with my clients at all times and doing all I can to help them.  Occasionally I’ll come across someone who I believe isn’t being authentic and who appears to be ‘faking it’ in order to ‘get rich quick’.  Ultimately they die a death when people discover who they really are.  I firmly believe it’s important to simply be yourself, and if you are offering something genuine and honest to your clients then the success will closely follow.

What is your favorite & most effective marketing strategy that you use to grow your business?

Building a relationship with each and every prospect.  I want potential customers to get to know me – who I am, what I am about, and why I can help them.  I want them to discover that I am passionate about helping them achieve a flexible, successful working life by running an online business.  I achieve this in a number of ways, the most obvious of which is through my ezine and using twitter to converse with my audience.  To really build a relationship quickly, I occasionally offer free 45 minute strategy sessions so that my potential clients experience first-hand how they can benefit from working with me.

How do you stay off of (or minimize the extremes of) the proverbial cash flow rollercoaster?

I don’t fight with the ‘cash flow rollercoaster’.  I accept that cash flow is not a definite science and that some months will be quieter than others.  I certainly try to ensure that each month is successful, but I fully accept that there are quiet times and busy times.  So to avoid that rollercoaster, I simply plan ahead.  If I know that, say, July is a slower month then I ensure that I have enough cash reserves to keep things going in that month.  I don’t believe anybody can achieve the same cash inflow month after month, and cash out flows some months will be higher than others.  As long as we are aware of this and plan for it throughout the year, the ‘rollercoaster’ just isn’t a problem.

What’s your best advice about how to achieve work-life-self balance?

Focus on YOU and what’s important to you FIRST.  For me, my family will always be the top priority in my life, so everything else has to fit around that.  I launched my two online businesses around my family, and they continue to fit around my schedule rather than my family life having to fit around my work life.  Focus first on what is most important to you, then build everything else around that.  The result? – the work-life-self balance that you desire.

What is your favorite technology that supports your online business and why? (i.e. how does it support you?)

It has its quirks, it has its frustrations and it certainly has room for improvement, but my businesses are fully automated mainly with thanks to 1shoppingcart.  By having my website linked to 1sc, and having 1sc linked to my payment provider, I literally make money while I sleep (or play!).  Customers go to my website, download something for free, make a purchase, make payment and receive that product without my being there or doing anything.  It’s fully automated which means I make money 24/7.

What is your best productivity tip? i.e. how can our readers get more of the right things done quickly and with less struggle?

You absolutely must have a coach and mentor.  Many people avoid this because they believe they can’t afford it.  However I can tell you from personal experience that having a coach and mentor will make your business move forwards far far quicker than if you didn’t have one.  Even when your successful, it’s still important to have someone to share ideas with, to question you and to keep you moving forward.  I invest nearly $30,000 a year on coaching and mentoring, and there is no doubt in my mind that this is money well spent.  I am pushed forward and as a result achieve so much more far more quickly and easily.  Do I believe that $30,000 is money well spent?  Well, if it means that my income increases as a result of that and that increase covers the cost, then it’s a no-brainer!

What has been your biggest breakthrough, mindset shift or top lesson learned so far?

It’s so easy to look at successful people online and feel in total awe of them.  It’s easy to think that they are amazing and you’ll never be as successful as them.  It’s easy when running an online business to avoid approaching them because they’re “too far ahead” of you.  I thought that for a while and I had to work hard to overcome those thoughts and shift my mindset.  But once I shut myself up and took the risk of connecting with them, I found that it’s all nonsense!

Stop Press : Every successful businesswoman is human!  Sure, there may be some who we don’t like, but on the whole we are all genuine, honest and nice people!  We’re not Gods, we’re not super-human, we’re just people who have grabbed hold of our dreams, and taken action to achieve them.


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