Develop and Leverage Your Business Intuition with this Success Ritual

Sands of TimeA characteristic that successful women in business online have in common is making decisions quickly and acting on them.

Here’s why…

The longer you wait to do something you know you should do now, the greater the chance you’ll never actually do it.

It’s called The Law of Diminishing Intent and it can invoke self-sabotage for even the smartest women entrepreneurs!

If you’ve ever waited too long to decide, missed out on something really great because of indecision, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So here’s the thing…

If you are truly committed to creating the success you desire vs staying comfortable in the status quo (< Are you?) making decisions quickly and acting on them is something you can do now today to accelerate your success.

The next time you’re faced with a decision – in business or life – be decisive and take action. Get tuned in to your inner wisdom, your business intuition and evaluate what you are trying to decide.

The reality is you do KNOW the right answer. (Hint: Will your decision take you closer to or farther away from the life and business you really want?) So make it. Feel great about it and allow forward motion.

You can practice this new Success Ritual in real life too. The next time you go to a restaurant with a huge menu – challenge yourself to make a decision about what to order as quickly as you can.

It will get easier each time and you’ll be thrilled with the momentum your new approach will create.

You can slide into the drivers seat of your success too! In fact, it’s why my co-author team and I wrote (now Amazon #1 best seller) IAWBO’s new book Success Rituals 2.0

“People form habits and habits form futures.” ~ Speaker, Mike Litman

Inside Success Rituals 2.0 you will discover the winning habits of high-achieving women: surprisingly simple things, that when done consistently, dramatically improve the health of your business and support long-term success.

Think of it this way…

It’s not what you think and do once in a while that gets results, it’s what you think and do, day in and day out.

Order your copy today and start creating your own luck!

Entrepreneurial Lessons from “The Bee Movie”

Entrepreneurial Lessons from “The Bee Movie”

One of the benefits to being a Mom is exposure to animated films. Two of my absolute faves are Finding Nemo and The Bee Movie.

The Bee Movie stands out for me because there are so many goodies (lessons) inside. Here a line that leaped out for me:

“According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. Because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.” ~ From “The Bee Movie” by Dreamworks Animation

I love this quote so much because it challenges the impossible. And the movie itself reminds us that it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to be authentic and it’s okay to follow our dreams (rather than doing what others expect of us).

The movie follows one particular worker bee…

Barry B. Benson who’s career path in the hive is … MAKING THE HONEY. Every bee is assigned to as specific area with the overall goal of… MAKING THE HONEY. They don’t get a choice. (Oh the horror!)

But Barry is disillusioned by this career path and declares that he’s “leaving the hive”. (High five Barry!)

Okay seriously, Barry’s desire to “leave” reminds me of that knowing I had that there was so much more for me than just being an employee. And the reaction of Barry’s family and community to the idea that he would “leave” reminds me of that deer in the headlights stare that I used to get (still do) in reaction to the fact that I’m an entrepreneur. Too funny! (Watch the video – you’ll see what I mean.)


The majority of the world is comprised of “worker bees” so when it comes to passionate entrepreneurs like you and I (and Barry), most people don’t “understand” why we’d even entertain the idea of leaving the hive. In fact we are surrounded by people who think we’re crazy or making a huge mistake and this collective energy can make even the most determined entrepreneur doubt themselves on a good day.

Thankfully there is something we can do about this outside influence which is to avoid time spent with Negative Neds and Nellies who seem to be on a mission to burst your bubble. And then begin to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs… people who understand.

Whether you create an informal mastermind on your own, join an association or get super serious and step into a high level coaching program, your environment of choice will support the very fact that YOU have the courage to reach for your dreams.

You left the hive baby! Woohoo!

~ Gina xo

Now, run don’t walk to your nearest video store. I promise The Bee Movie is worth watching! Barry’s voice is none other than Jerry Seinfeld which totally adds the the experience.

Do You Need a “Blueprint” to be Successful Online?

What if you could have a personal tour guide …

Modern BusinesswomanConsider this – spend a few minutes on google and you will find hundreds (probably thousands!) of “online success blueprints”… from how to create a website, to publishing an ezine; to creating your opt-in freebie, using autoresponders, publishing info products, writing articles, hosting teleseminars, being a guest on radio shows, writing sales copy and more…

They come in all shapes and sizes too: ebooks, toolkits, software, audio products, membership programs, etc.  I sell them myself and they’re great but, they’re not the only thing you need to be successful.

If blueprints were enough we’d all be making millions online.

A blueprint simply points you in one specific direction where personal coaching is like having your own personal tour guide to show you the way, highlighting important things along the way as they relate to YOU.

Think of it this way… A blueprint can teach you how to publish an online newsletter but it can’t tell you if you’ve actually created a good newsletter. It doesn’t know if you’ve put together the most noteworthy buzzable newsletter ever seen or, one that could go down in history as the worst ever. Nor can a blueprint provide feedback on how to IMPROVE a potential flop either.

Don’t get me wrong, a blueprint is a great starting place but, personal coaching provides specific and precise feedback that rapidly closes the gap between where you are now and the goals you have for your business.

And this is where I can help you …

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List Attraction in Action: 20+ Tips to Leap Your List!

If you’ve been an online entrepreneur for any length of time you’ve probably heard someone say… “the money is in the list”. But what does that really mean?

It means, as a woman in business online, YOUR LIST is your greatest asset. But not just ANY list. It’s not just about accumulating the biggest list you can.

There’s strategy to consider…

=> Why are you building your list?

=> Who should be on your list?

=> How do you get these people on your list?

=> How do you keep them on your list?

=> How do you grow your list faster?

=> How do you make money from this list?

And I’m saying “list” for simplicity. For you the word might be community, network or tribe. Whatever the word, effective list attraction, retention and monetization skills are ESSENTIAL for long-term success.

Grow your list size and quality and you grow your PROFIT POTENTIAL and this is one aspect of growing your business that you can influence immediately.

If that sounds like something you want to experience in your business, read below to discover what’s working, right now, in the real world, for women in business online:

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How to Leap Your List of Subscribers: 20 + Tips From Real Women in Business Online

List size, list quality, list growth… a daily concern for success-driven women in business online. So what’s a girl to do?

On a mission to answer this question, I’ve surveyed real women in business online about what strategies are really working to effectively grow their list of subscribers.

Want to know what they said?

Here’s the end result – straight from their lips – posted on the blog:

Got any good tips to share? Post them in the comments okay :)