The Rebelpreneurs Journey: Do You Have a Plan to Get There?

The Rebelpreneurs Journey: Do You Have a Plan to Get There?

Begin with the end in mind. To get where you want to go, you’ve got to know where you’re going.

In the previous post I encouraged you – actually challenged you – to define and declare what success means to you. This is one of the most under-implemented essentials to “success” that I see over and over!

It’s so simple. And that’s actually the problem. It’s the seemingly simple that is dismissed as unimportant. But I want you to consider that sometimes the simple stuff is the most pivotal!

Seriously, if you’re going to be a statistic, I’d much rather you be among the % of women who define, declare and DO what it takes to be the success they dream about. We are the minority you know.

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

So now what? Let’s assume you’re among the minority who took the time to define success – specifically – vividly. The next step is to develop a plan to achieve it.

Okay stop. I know what you’re thinking. No, I don’t mean the 30 page old-school business plan that just popped up in your mind. Breathe…

One of my core mantras is “keep it strategically simple” so let’s apply the KISS approach here too…

When it comes to creating a plan, many assume it’s an all-or-nothing proposition: They need to have a carefully scripted path from A to B, and then on to C and D.

Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that in real life.

In fact, ask any successful entrepreneur and they will undoubtedly say that the path they “thought” they would take wasn’t the one they ended up taking. And they’ll also tell you that knowing the first few steps and committing to them was the most critical key to their success.

Golden nugget here!! Knowing the first few steps and committing to them is all you need right now.

Example: An entrepreneur who wants to start a blog talk radio show as part of their marketing mix. Their goal is to host one 30-minute show each week.

That’s all they need to know to get started because it gives them the first steps: To sign up for Blog Talk Radio, Schedule the first show and outline the show content (or schedule a speaker if doing an interview style show).

That’s it.

Is there more that “could” be done – sure. But this is all that needs to be done – right now – to set the strategy in motion.

If that entrepreneur over thinks it, 90 days, 6 months, a year can go by before the strategy ever goes live.

Not only that, the detailed A to Z “perfected” plan cannot anticipate things like technology snafus, illness, etc…

Things happen and situations change – that is the only certainty that matters. You have to be prepared to make changes along the way, but you also have to know what “the way” is.

Knowing where you’re going – and having an idea of how you will get there becomes your entrepreneurial compass. Without any plan at all, you are a victim of your own circumstances, not knowing what’s going to move you closer to your goal and what will take you farther away.

So after you’ve clearly defined your end goal, determine that one next step and take it!

Trust that when you take that step, you’ll see the next one and the next, all the way forward to success. If you have clarity about where you’re going – you’ll know when you need to move left or right, but only if you keep moving.

What you’ll quickly discover is clarity comes faster through doing.

So, think about one of your goals. What is the first step you need to take to put it into motion? Try not to over think it. Just that one next step is all you need to know to keep moving forward.

Set your intentions in the comments below so we can cheer you on!

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Gina Bell works with women in business who struggle with self-promotion and are tired of feeling invisible. She teaches them how to use Social Media + Blogging to build a highly visible personal brand that gets more eyes on their offers more often. Take your business from invisible to in demand at


  1. LOVE this article! Everyone always thinks you need to spend eons laying out your plan. This article really helps narrow things down. Just have the next few steps in mind. But, more importantly – TAKE ACTION. Reminds me of Seth Godin’s mantra in “Linchpin” — Ship it! Just get out there. Thanks, Gina!

  2. Fab advice Gina! I used to constantly worry about how I was going to get ‘there’ and it sapped up so much energy I barely had enough energy to take the first small step. I now chunk down, right down and take those small steps and since doing so my big vision has become clearer,
    Thanks for this,
    Eleanor xo

  3. Golden nugget? Try platinum and diamond and you’re more on the mark … “Knowing the first few steps and committing to them is all you need right now.” … especially for us ‘get all your ducks in a row first‘ kind of gals. Over-thinking and planning to the nth degree usually means projects don’t ever get started. I have to admit that I have quite a few of those that never saw the light of day.

    Gina, you’ve been brilliant at getting gals into action by taking that first step. It’s true, it never unfolds quite the way we think it will, but nothing unfolds until we take some kind of action. Just do what needs to be done now and let the rest unfold. Something so simple brings about the biggest rewards. Go figure! :)

  4. Thanks for making me smile Gina cos I have the BIG GOAL & i’m just taking lots of small steps now..making small things happen which I know will grow! Just fab to read I’m doing okay and confirming that ‘clarity comes faster thoruogh DOING’!!

  5. Hey Gina!

    Keeping it simple is the name of the game. This message might just be the most empowering people will hear. Don’t wait to have it all mapped out to start! Have a goal, and define the next step! Simple as Simon!

    So often individuals get overwhelmed thinking of ALL that is left to do and the next step goes undone day after day after day. Isn’t it just like you to give the gentle kick in the pants that’s needed to just DO IT!

    Thanks for the Mojo!


  6. Hi, Gina. I made the mistake you are talking about so many times before – the OverPlan before you get going. You’re absolutley right that it’s better to make your decision and then make your decision right.

    Honestly, part of the problem is that they teach that Marketing Plan stuff in school. I know that . I was there. And I got REALLY AMAZING grades excelling at writing plans.

    At my site, where we focus on MidLife Mojo, we’re sort of going for the opposite approach. We’re throwing ourselves into the mix, and then adjusting as we go.

    Truly, truly time is flying by — there just ISN’T TIME to wait to start until you’ve got the perfect vision, funding, idea, artwork. Whatever.

    You’ve done a HUGE service with this piece. As always with you — spot on Wisdom.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Gina, I agree with all the comments above. A plan is only a “nice” sheet of paper unless we start setting things in motion, one action at a time. What I realized also, is that some people have the tendency to overcomplicate their plan as a way to avoid doing it….and sometimes they are not really aware of it. A way to deal with that is to just ask a simple question: “What is the first thing I can do right now that will take me closer to my goal”. If the goal is to have 3 new clients, the first action may just be a “phone call”…LOL

  8. Love your KISS acronym Gina! Very, very true that we must have an ‘idea’ of where we’re head with clarity and then have the courage to take the ACTION to get there. That really is it – the action along w/the clarity without knowing exactly where you’ll end.

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring and practical article! xo

  9. Great timing! I’m sitting at my computer this Saturday afternoon just outlining the first steps to take in my new project. Thank you so much for the clarity and inspiration!

  10. As usual you’ve hit the nail on the head Gina :)

    I’ve been teaching my clients to ditch the old-school, boring, gets-stuck-on-a-shelf plan for years! I’m a big fan of a short action-based plan that gets revisited and revised as progress is made and the landscape ahead changes. It’s all about taking steps one at a time and moving forward.

  11. Gina,

    What a great post! Yes! Yes! Yes! I loved how you mentioned that someone wanting to start a blog talk radio show may not start for a year, if they don’t make it into a small goal and take that action. It’s so true. When people ask me “how have you written a book?” I remind them that a book is a series of pages, made up of chapters, made up of paragraphs, made up of sentences, made up of words.” The same way you accomplish any big goal, is the same way you eat an elephant – one bit at a time!

    To participate, one of my goals is to make a larger scale contribution to my community. A small actionable step is to pick a date for a community workshop, and schedule it.

    Thanks Gina!

  12. Gina, this post really speaks to my heart. I went to a college that had the motto of “Learn by doing.” Being a kinesthetic learner, that is exactly how I have to live my life. One thing I learned by having my own business is that I have to map out my “road trip”, but it is okay to have auto correct on my navigation system. It was not uncommon for me to start to go one way and then realize it was not for me. So, I would start moving in a new direction. Yes, it was frustrating at times, but it was better than doing nothing at all! That is for sure…


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