Calling all women in business online who are done hiding out and playing small…  

How Would You Like to Inspire

YOUR Ideal Clients to Declare

“I See You Everywhere!” and,

“I Want to Work with You!”?

Learn how to get noticed, get clients and get growing! I’ll show you!

From the desk of Gina Bell;
Success Catalyst + JV Strategist 

Have you ever felt that despite the blood, sweat and tears you’ve been pouring into your business, nobody sees, hears – or cares? 

It goes something like this… 

You KNOW you’re on to something good. Make that, GREAT!

You’ve got a product, service or solution with the capacity to serve hundreds. Make that, THOUSANDS!

And you’re ready. Make that – on a MISSION to help, heal, teach, inspire + improve people’s lives.

If only they knew you existed! (Ouch!)

You don’t need a PR firm.

You don’t need an ad campaign.

And you definitely don’t need to resort to low-blow marketing tactics — like purchasing email lists (eww!) or blasting new followers with irrelevant pitches (noo!).

What you need is a VISIBILITY BOOM!

I know! On the surface, it seems like it should be so easy – right???

… Website – check!

… Autoresponder – check!

… Free offer – check!

… Paid offer – check!

… Social media profiles – check

… newsletter, article marketing, blogging – check! check! Freaking check!  

You’ve done EVERYTHING you’ve been told to do and then some – including strategies you see working for others. 

The question of the day… Why isn’t it working?

Instead of celebrating your dotcom dream come true:

  • You’re sliding down the rabbit hole of comparison at least once a day tossing aside your ideas and second guessing your ability to be successful
  • You already feel like you’re doing so much already – what else is there to do?
  • A turtle could crawl faster than your list is growing
  • You’d love to launch something new but… What? How?
  • You want to do more blogging and social media marketing but – what do I say?
  • You avoid talking about your work because you’re not prepared for (and terrified of) the inevitable question… so, what do you do?”
  • You’re not entirely sure what you really do or, who specifically wants what you’ve got
  • Lack of clarity has you saying no to opportunities that come your way (you don’t feel ready)
  • You’re not making enough to have a sense of control over your life
  • There are things about “making money online” that you just don’t like, they seem sales-y and inauthentic. Now what? This can’t be the ONLY way, can it?

While it may seem like nothing’s going right, it really all boils down to 4 things …

  1. Voting yourself in (nobody else can want it more than you!)
  2. Getting clear about what you do, who you do it for and why it really matters
  3. Activating strategies that “have legs” – I mean, why inch along when you can leap your way to wild success?
  4. And last but not least giving your ideal clients what they really want so your bank account finally reflects the amazing work you do!

And while you might have one or two of these areas working for you, it’s your unique COMBINATION that amplifies and creates unstoppable momentum.

Please don’t let this worry you… I get it.

Maybe you’d rather poke your eye out with a fork than write your own copy; suffer amnesia when someone asks about your products and services or realize that you’ve had one foot in and the other out never really voting yourself in to win…

Whatever “it” is, it’s ok. The important thing is there will never be a better time to play your bigger game than right NOW.

And this is why I’m so excited to share this with you… an easier, more effective way to get noticed, get clients and get your business – and bank account – growing.

Quickly graduate from “best-kept secret” to “go-to-gal” in your industry…

The keys are waiting for you inside my new Visibility Va Va Boom Bootcamp!

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, author, organization leader or service-based entrepreneur, it’s not so much what you do but HOW you do it – your way!

And here’s something I believe wholeheartedly… 

“All the information in the world won’t help the woman who isn’t using what she already has.”

So it’s time to wake the sleeping giant of info, ideas and expertise percolating inside of you. You already have everything you need to skyrocket to a new stratosphere of success and prominence!

I’ll show you how to get what you really want using what you’ve already got!

Bootcamp Features & Format:

Here’s How it Will Work:

  • Starting Monday May 28th, June 4, June 18 and June 25 a new module of the program will be unlocked. There are 4 in-depth modules PLUS a mid-way implementation and strategic coaching break – for a total of 5 weeks.

    • May 28 – module 1 – Activate Your Awesome
    • June 4 – module 2 – Ignore-Proof Your Message
    • June 11 – Implementation + Strategic Coaching Week
    • June 18 – module 3 – Invisible-Proof Your Business
    • June 25 – Liberate Your Income
  • Each module is a mini learning center filled with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists and worksheets – everything you need to get that area of your business working for you in new and powerful ways.
  • You’ll be personally invited to my “for customers only” Get It Done Mastermind where you’ll enjoy valuable feedback, brainstorming and cheerleading from like-minded women AND, a Productivity Play Day with me once a month.
  • Mid-way through the program I’ll host an exclusive Q & A Marathon to answer your most burning questions about creating your visibility boom.
  • AND, to demonstrate how deeply committed I am to your success – you’ll be invited to schedule one to one time with me during a program wrap-up laser coaching call-in day. NOTE: This is the ONLY time I’ll be offering this perk for this program.

I’ve decided to go big or go home with this charter program and I hope you’ll do the same ;~)

We haven’t even discussed the valuable bonuses included so, keep reading! I’ve included in-depth details of each of the modules below too!

By the end of this program you will have the confidence, clarity and direction you need to reach new levels of success online and finally experience the fun, freedom and good fortune you started your business for in the first place!

Oh and in case you didn’t know, when I say “good fortune” I’m talking about a lot more than money (although that’s cool too – yes? LOL)

Here’s what we’ll cover in this ground-breaking program:

Icon - Exclamation Pointmodule 1

One of the most painful things about entrepreneurship for an innovative, trend-setting, go-getter kind of woman is to feel invisible. Or, to “blend” in with the crowd. Surprisingly the things we think and do – every day – either create a spotlight or pull us back into the shadows. In this module we’re going to set the stage for your coming out party!!

  • How to create and activate an entrepreneurial compass – it’s like having your very own North Star to guide you.
  • How do an internal inventory of what you already have that will vanquish self-doubt in a split second!
  • Powerful success rituals to help you steer clear of the comparison trap
  • Five ways to boost your believability so that your success is a done deal!
  • The #1 thing you must do to officially vote yourself in to WIN!
  • And, more!

* The mini learning center for this module will be unlocked for you the week of May 28th.

Icon - Audiomodule 2

(Dating myself here) Do you remember Charlie Brown cartoons where the voice of the adults is incoherent mumbling? The “gang” simply tuned them out. Are you sure your message is clear enough to be seen, heard, understood and acted upon? Is it targeted to your ideal clients and, does it matter? In this module we’re going to get ruthless with the “So What?” test so that your message and offers become distinct, irresistible and highly profitable. 

  • Two powerful ways to spell-bind, fascinate and capture the attention of your tribe.
  • The switch that must be flipped before you’ll give yourself permission to step into the spotlight.
  • How to activate your “success GPS” so that you move swiftly towards the vision of success YOU are aspiring to.
  • A stand-out way to declare what you do, who you do it for and why it matters.
  • Simple ways to keep your finger on the pulse of your most ideal clients so you are speaking their language and solving their most pressing problems.
  • Specific steps you can take to magnetize your offers (I’m talking bees to honey!) and unleash your true income potential. You know it’s limitless right?
  • And this is just scratching the surface
* The mini learning center for this module will be unlocked for you the week of June 4th.

Icon - Light Bulbmodule 3

During this module you’ll discover the best way for YOU to get your message/mission/movement/manifesto in front of the people it matters to. You wont find cookie-cutter shenanigans here. This is about honouring who you are, how you love to show up and finding the intersection of what your ideal clients want, need and expect from you. It’s a profitability sweet spot that will open the floodgates of new opportunities, clients, cash flow and freedom (emotional, creative and financial).

  • How to think like a “Social CEO” so you can finally monetize your social marketing strategies (and, prevent it from being a time suck!)   
  • How to leverage what I call “Catalyst Strategies” (and what they are) so you leap your way to wild success (instead of inching along in frustration!)
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when trying to grow their business and how you can turn this around for remarkable results!
  • My top “I see you everywhere!” strategies that you can model for your business.
  • The elements you MUST have in place before you attempt to “get noticed” online (or, risk your credibility and reputation).
  • Again, all this is just scratching the surface of what you’ll earn in this module.
* The mini learning center for this module will be unlocked the week of June 18th.

Icon - Dollarmodule 4

One of the most common frustrations I hear from clients and colleagues is “there’s got to be a “better” way”. This module may be last but it really marks the beginning, an awakening to your relationship with money and all of the exciting ways you can make more of it, doing what you love while enjoying more free time. I used the word “liberate” intentionally because this is exactly how you will feel – excited by all that is possible for you. 

  • 5 “truth by numbers” questions you must ask yourself so you can reach your income goals every time (astonishing how many entrepreneurs don’t do this!)
  • My “Simple Sales Funnel Formula” template that keeps you primed for repeat sales. (It’s easier to sell to an existing client than find a new customer)
  • Savvy Sales Page Secrets that remove barriers and inspire ideal clients to take action
  • Simple ways to EXPAND the average transaction per customer so you’re making more while working less
  • Back-end strategies that put your income on auto-pilot
  • “Freedom-Rich” ways to package, promote and profit with passive products
  • E-mail marketing tips and a simple launch sequence that will create cash infusions on demand
  • And, a LOT more!

* The mini-learning center for this module will be unlocked for you the week of June 25.

You’ll leave our jam sessions confident and clear about the exact next steps you need to take to reach new stratospheres of success.

Prominent. Distinct. Profitable.


And you’ll get these valuable bonuses too:

Bonus #1:
VISIBILITY BOOM Bits & Bites – Expert Tutorials

Throughout the program you’ll enjoy more than a dozen short, sweet and laser focused how-to audio lessons from our Rebelations Magazine contributing experts who have successfully created a visibility boom for themselves. The content of each audio bite will EXPAND aspects of the Visibility Boom formula. 

Bonus #2:

An exclusive – for customers only – secret Facebook group:  You get 24/7 access to the mastermind (where I am actively involved every week) and me in your corner every month for a Productivity Play Day to help you get your most pressing to do’s DONE.

You also enjoy insight into the everyday workings of my business, advance notice of what’s coming next AND exclusive inner circle pricing too!

This is the kind of perk you need to experience to truly understand the value. So, allow me to let my existing crew of Get-It-Done-Gals to enlighten you:

… It’s like a support group to facilitate implementation and really set things in motion. Connections with like-minded women and testing lab….you get to test names, concepts, ideas to validate and get valuable input. ~ Christine Marmoy.

… Support & motivation to step outside your comfort zone and dare to do what you might think impossible. It’s also a community of like-minded women to give and receive *honest* feedback to grow your business – and dare I say, yourself. ~ Miki Strong 

… I echo the aboive but would like to add – a safe nonjudgemental place where others “get” you. ~ Shelley Streit

… It’s a sisterhood who understands you and believes in you, amazing women who cheer you on and help you get to where you need to go. A sense of energy, forward momentum and definitely inspiration! ~ Nadine Nicholson

… One value I find is that I get to learn vicariously by what others who are a step or two, or many, ahead of me on the entrepreneureal path, and it models for me how to use support and get feedback, check out my ideas, share what I’m working on, and solve barriers that alone would bring me to a screeching halt. So the second value I find is the MMG helps keep me in action. ~ Linda Mickle 

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi! I’m Gina Bell, Online Success Catalyst + JV Strategist to High-Achieving Women in Business Online. 

My specialty is joint (ad)ventures and FUNatical tribe building (a.k.a. list attraction).

I’ve personally led more than a dozen successful JV projects (telesummits, giveaways, compilation print & ebooks, digital magazines, interview series, etc…) like the Best-Selling anthology Success Rituals 2.0 and trend-setting Rebelations Magazine and I’ve eagerly participated as a guest expert to dozens more.

I’m proud to be the go-to gal for ambitious women who are ready to rise up and leap their way to wild success online.


Wondering what it’s like to work with me? …  

Want high end results? Get a high profile coach like Gina!

I first met Gina Bell thru a Telesummit I organized last year. From our very first exchange, I ‘fell in love’ with her! Just from her energy, her expertise and even the way she laughs, I knew I wanted to….. and had to…. work with her. She really walks the talk in her own unique way. Whatever she says she’s gonna deliver, she does, no question about it. In fact, she even goes over and above what she promises to inspire and motivate you.

I’m all about ideas and innovation, and Gina doesn’t try to talk you out of something, she works with you and encourages you to find a unique angle to market and promote what your heart is actually telling you to do. She is patient but direct in the best possible way. She knows the ins and outs of business and always has an answer, no matter what the question is. I’m a high achiever driven by results and I got just that with Gina.

I was looking for a coach who would push me even further and that’s exactly what she does. I would never miss a session with her. Working with Gina has allowed me to achieve more in 3 months that I have done in 12! Just take a look at what I’ve achieved, thanks to her guidance and direction:-

  • Tripled my list in just 2 months.
  • Launched 2 new virtual events within 3 months and the third is on its way.
  • Created my own Virtual Mag to be launched in June.
  • Increased my visibility tremendously.
  • Now receiving an average of 8 to 10 comments on my blog posts.
  • Instant ROI with an additional VIP client within 3 months of working with Gina.
  • Having the confidence and strength to try out new events, venues and concepts knowing that Gina is by my side.
  • People reaching out to me to get included in my events.
  • Meeting great and extraordinary women thanks to Gina and her Secret Groups.
  • Working on my business in a more enjoyable and easier way, even if I still do work a lot. I love it!

These are the results achieved from just 3 months working with Gina, so I can’t wait to see what the next 7 months has in store for me!

If you want to achieve high end results, you need a high profile coach, and Gina Bell is certainly worthy of your investment by tenfold, make no mistake about it!

~ Christine Marmoy,

It’s Raining Opportunities and Income!

Within a few months of working with Gina, I have completely rebuilt my business. I zoned in on my target market, created a whole series of services and dropped the services that were taking the fun out of being a business owner. I’ve not only quadrupled my hourly rate I have multiple streams of income flowing into my business – all built around “work” I love to do.

Just four short months later, after making a complete 360 in my business, my new programs are gaining in popularity, I am getting more coaching inquiries, writing requests, joint venture and guest speaking opportunities on a daily basis and am regarded as “the” expert in my area.

I am so excited knowing how much I have accomplished in just four months; I can’t wait to see where I will be in a year! Thank you Gina for helping me find my passion and for being such a major part of my success.”

~ Jennifer Belanger,

$1000’s in unexpected income!

There’s one thing I know for sure about Gina: she delivers on what she promises and far exceeds expectations! I needed to sort through ideas for an irresistible free offer to grow my list and open up cash flow.

Gina helped me create an offer that my community finds valuable and showed me how to turn my other ideas into paid offerings. In fact, before I created my freebie (IFO) we turned one of my ideas into a pilot program which infused my business with thousands in unexpected income. Bonus! 

~ Miki Strong, Moxie Marketing and Mindset Mentor.

1500 new subscribers and 75 paid clients!

Working with Gina has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. I grew by leaps and strides while working with her, and can honestly say that my business would not be where it is now had I not hired her.

During our time together I successfully …

… launched a digital magazine that grew my email list by over 1500,
… got crystal clear on my personal brand and unique positioning,
… created stellar new services to expand my profit potential,
… designed, promoted and delivered two income-producing online programs (one that had over 75 women in it – far exceeding every expectation!)
… and much, much more!

Gina is the perfect blend of direct, straight up business coach and generous, kind-hearted woman who wants nothing more than to help other women in business to succeed and create truly sustainable, freedom-filled businesses. She’s fun, warm and incredibly generous with her expertise and time. If you’re ready to learn and do what it truly takes to run a successful online business, Gina has paved the way and will show you the K.I.S.S. way to success (her signature philosophy… Keep it Strategically Simple). Thank you Gina – you rock!” 

~ Stephanie Pollock, Brand Activator and Coach.

New Brand. New Signature System. 400% Increase in Productivity & More!

I’ll never forget the first time I spoke with Gina. I just finished a high-level group coaching program with over 750 women and yet I felt so alone. I ached to work with a business coach one-to-one, someone who could stand beside me, shoulder to shoulder, and help me move forward.

In the first five minutes of talking with Gina, I knew she was the one for me. I felt cocooned by a warm and generous business woman who knew exactly what I needed. In a single phone call, my swirling was replaced by clarity. That was just 12 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve accomplished more of the right things than in the previous 12 months combined. That’s a 400% increase in productivity!

Gina helped me see I was spending a lot of money, time and effort on a corporate niche that did not excite me. I came from the corporate world and it was easy for me. She shone a light and I saw it was actually draining my energy. Then, just as I was getting clarity about what DID excite me, a one-year, multiple six-figure corporate contract landed on my lap. With Gina’s guidance, I reclaimed why I started my business in the first place and that dangling, lucrative carrot didn’t pass the test.

I have now focused my business on who I’ve always wanted to help in the first place: high-achieving women solo-business owners. I re-branded my entire marketing platform, re-launched my website and developed my Solopreneur Success System. I teach women solo-entrepreneurs to grow their businesses on their terms so they have the lifestyle they want and they make the meaningful difference only they were born to make. I’m 100% aligned with my life purpose — to help women be heard, be free and prosper.

I now have so much pride in my business. My confidence, clarity and focus are off the charts. I’m grateful for having Gina with me, every step of the way.

~ Nadine Nicholson, The Solopreneur Success Catalyst,

I Feel Secure In Every Aspect of My Business!

While working full time and still in my 20′s, I have accomplished more in the last 2 years, than many other entrepreneurs have in decades! All because I made the smart decision to invest in myself and coaching, rather than chase after low end programs and home-study systems.

I feel so secure in every aspect of my business, from client attraction to marketing, social media to copywriting and large scale joint ventures…all because of the one-to-one coaching I experienced with Gina.

My list has increase 10 fold in the last 15 months; I have a signature system in place; a successful radio show; and I just published my first book, The Now Of Happiness, which Bob Doyle (Law of Attraction expert teacher from ‘The Secret’) requested to interview me about in March 2011. And this is just scratching the surface.

When you have the courage to invest in yourself this way you will enjoy immense growth and create a business that you could have never envisioned otherwise.

Thank you Gina, for giving me the knowledge and the courage to have my dreams come true!”

~ Kimberly Englot, Founder of The Center for Authentic Self Development

Filled the room + $1000’s in new income!

After creating The Cash Creator program which I knew was so badly needed I was a little unclear about how to launch it until I hired Gina as my coach. I knew that I wanted to do “bootcamps” among other things to leverage my time but did not know how to go about it.

Gina helped me from the first step. I am a result oriented person and I knew I had to see proof and numbers to Believe. I AM a Believer. You can’t imagine what happened in a matter of a few weeks I went from an idea to real life success! YES, SUCCESS!

Gina Helped me to build the campaign around it and do all the planning which resulted in filling the room with 30 people (In my community that’s huge) to having the newspaper show up(also a trick I learned from working with Gina). I have secured thousands of dollars in new business as a direct result and people have registered for a full day paid bootcamp. I have also added dates in other cities as a few expressed an interest in my work and am actively seeking more! Rest assured it will come. I am glad to have Gina in my pocket to help me tread through what were uncharted waters for me.

~ Shelley Streit,

I’ve created the playground. Now it’s your turn to come out and play.

Can you see, the program is tipped in your favor – all you need to do is show up, step up and do the “work”.

And I say work lightly because you’ll find that once you apply the unformula to get each area of your business working in your favor, the fun reappears and the work doesn’t feel hard anymore. The sacrifices you’ve been making melt away and passion takes its rightful place.

But don’t be fooled. It sounds simple but in reality it requires commitment. Saying yes and then DOING what really works because the alternative – quitting – just isn’t an option! Agreed?!

You CAN do this and I know deep down you are ready. I believe in you and I’ll be right there with you, along with a community of like minded women, doing whatever it takes to help you realize new and positive results. Deal?

If you’re nodding in agreement right now there’s no denying – this program is for you

So You Can Be 100% Sure, Let Me be Clear About What You Can Expect:

  • Exclamation Point - Hand Drawn BlackGet clear and focused to develop a powerful internal compass that leads to setting bold goals with confidence and rapid decision making too!
  • Boost your client attractor factor by defining exactly who your ideal client is, what they REALLY want from you – and why.
  • Create an emotional connection and spark the know like trust factor authentically with your signature of success – your unique combination of expertise, education, experience and passion!
  • Expand profitability and visibility by creating freedom-rich products and services that your ideal clients want, gladly pay for and recommend to others!
  • Amplify your brand and your reach through a blog and social marketing strategies
  • Apply the art of leverage to optimize profitability, visibility, productivity and credibility.
  • Streamline your marketing to focus on catalyst strategies so you can leap you way to wild success instead of inching along in frustration.
  • And that’s just scratching the surface!

This Sounds Great Gina, What Is It Going to Cost Me?

Ah, good question. And I have one for you too…

Have you considered how much it costs when even one of these seven areas of your business ISN’T working effectively?

We could try to put a dollar value on that but when you’re working like a dog with very little to show for it, the impact of what isn’t working stems far beyond money doesn’t it?  

And what’s worse is you may be the tiniest tweak away from experiencing the results you’ve been working so hard for! I’ve seen it happen many times.

Isn’t it time your bank account reflected the great work you do?

The entire Visibility Va Va Boom program is only $247…

Important: Space is limited. My commitment is to be of service to each of you individually and as a group, and I can only do that if the group is a manageable size.

If you know that having direct support, advice and coaching from me along with expert video training and mastermind of peers is exactly what YOU need to reach the bold goals you’ve set for yourself, don’t wait a second longer to say yes to this time sensitive opportunity.

As an early-bird bootcamp participants you’ll enjoy deep dish how-to training, personalized mentorship and a private mastermind community for a fraction of the regular price.

I’m not saying that to be sales-y – it’s 100% fact.

“YES Gina! The Visibility Boom Bootcamp Sounds Perfect For Me! What Do I Need To Do Next?

Register through the payment button below.

Important: There are THREE steps to registration.

STEP 1) Process your payment through the secure shopping cart form (just click the pretty button for the shopping cart page to open).

STEP 2) Check your inbox for your confirmation email and click the confirmation link inside.

STEP 3) Watch your inbox (again) for a welcome email from me with important instructions inside about the VBB learning center and how to access the Bonus Expert interviews.

On Monday May 28th – you’ll receive an email giving you access to the first of module (YAY!).

NOTE: The Visibility Boom Bootcamp is now in session. Shopping cart is closed.

Register with confidence… 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

I’m proud of this program and I know you’re going to love it. The potential to leap your business forward is HUGE! But, if for some reason you’re not completely thrilled with the Visibility Boom Bootcamp I’ll refund your registration fee (including the $5 that I’ll have donated to GirlUp in your name). No questions asked. xo 


P.S. If not this – what? If not now, when?

If you’ve read this far it’s because you’re ready to step up and into the dot com dream you started your business for in the first place. If you’re truly ready stop hiding out or playing small – this is definitely the program for you! Register now!


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